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Miley Cyrus is an actress and singer best known for her two solo pop albums following her successful stint as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel up until 2006. Both her albums debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200. Miley is a stylish young lady and has been spotted... Read More



Dose anyone know what kind of shoes she's wearing while on set with her mom and then with her make up artist? they kind of look like black boat shoes? or black slippers? idk help?!

hey hun, do you think you could link a pic? I'm not sure which ones you're talking about
sorry, i meant the one you linked before :)

@jstbee thanks for the link
p.s. can anyone buy the forever 21 decorated shoulder top (an L) and sell it to me (via ebay)? it would be great. thanks

An amazing alternative for Miley's Topshop Heart Cardigan. It looks exactly like it! I have the Topshop one and it's basically the same

Hello can someone please help me find the eyemask that miley cyrus weres at the start of her music video (when she was on the bed) in who owns my hearts! Its red and has big fake lashes on them thx ! xxxx

here is a screen shot from the video of the eye mask - xxxx

I realize this page isn't getting much use anymore, but it still bugs the heck out of me that things are being spotted that were spotted ages ago. Like the Camilla bag and Siwy tie-dyes??

Sigh...I know. And the INSANELY old pictures being used as profile pics. I've given up. LOL

Yeah I gave up too

Ok, c'mon people. Stop spotting things just because they post it on Miley's OutfitIdentifier. That Blu Moon jacket is totally wrong, Miley's has pockets on her sleeves and no iron-on patches.


It's because Boutiquetoyou have posted that jacket as the one shes wearing... but its definitely wrong. Like you said hers has pockets on the sleeves

Any idea on the jeans she's wearing in this photo?

No idea Bec but I'm gonna say J Brand's denim leggings are a good alt! =) I'll try and find some pics from the back if they're lurking around here somewhere.

I think she looks so cute in the profile pic =)

Not really a fan but I found this and it reminded me of a dress she wore.

The Herve Leger one?


Get over it. Leave the girl alone. She should be allowed to be a human teenager who can get tattoos and smoke cigarettes if she wants. There are LOADS of teens smoking and getting tattoos. I got a tattoo when I was 15 and smoked when I was younger and I turned out just fine. You do it, then grow out of it so long as you're allowed space to make mistakes, but still be supported.


LOL grumpy bum, but totally agree

smoking is bad but IMO she looks cute with her cigarette


Put a bra on! Seriously!

She looks so beautiful on the cover of Marie Claire!

I agree! I love the clothes they used for this spread. She looks really lovely in almost every shot.

Its nice to see her looking amazing again!!

I know right? She looks gorgeous. I'm dying for that A.F Vandevorst dress, Bec...LOL
@OwlEyes, I LOVE the clothes too! And her hair looks great too for once =)

Does anyone know the race of Miley's new puppy-dog?

I think it's a yorkshire terrier

I was thinking that too, but if you see the puppy closer and you look at Google, you see that a yorkshire terrier has a lot of black hairs and their ears are up and mileys dog is more brown and his/her ears are down...
I love the dog, he looks really cute!!!

I don't think the new spot for her glasses is right, but I still like them!


OMG great news!!!!! Miley is having a NEW TOUR! Its official now :):) They are gonna start next month with rehearsing. Can't wait!! Maybe some new songs?

Woah Miley and your breasticles.

Haha breasticles! I really hate her spray tan in that pic btw

Her spray tan is realy ugly!!! I also don't really like the dress, it doesn't really fit her body.

Could we please double check to see if an item is spotted already before we spot it? Someone spotted the Herve Leger dress again! lol.

If anyone likes that cardigan that Tish Cyrus was seen wearing out with Miley...shopbop has it on sale for only $85:

Awee : ) I Love ya mileZz n i hope that u're real : ))

This is a fashion site. Celebrities are not affiliated with it.

can anyone tell me where i can get the black and purple skull and bones dress that miley wore at the zootopia pre show?
i tried finding it at Hot Topic but they dont have it.

Who keeps using insanely old pics as Miley's profil pic? lol.

Nothing To Say But.. BIG LET DOWN ! I Expected Way More Out Of Her . Oh Well.. Selena Gomez Is Better [:
Miley Has No Way For a Comebackk . Sorry

Luv u Miley!

Exactly like Miley's Alexander Wang Freja Boots except these are wedges.

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