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Miley Cyrus is an actress and singer best known for her two solo pop albums following her successful stint as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel up until 2006. Both her albums debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200. Miley is a stylish young lady and has been spotted... Read More



What's with the super old photo...

Hi to all :) ;)
girls you have miley rings for sale? :)
write me
thanks ;)

i love the profile of her

Ok, somebody really doesn't like how Miley looks these days because they keep changing the profile picture to OLDDD photos. Can we please leave the newest pics as her profile pic? Please? LOL

Are you back??

Yes my love! =)

How was your trip?

Why are her eyebrows so dark lately... they look weird!!

I know!!!

What for dress miley wearing ?


i used to love her as hannah montana

me too!

So I had no idea what page to post this on where people will actually read it, so I went ahead and just decided to do it here.

Alright, so my wardrobe is seriously lacking in summer clothing and while watching The Last Song last night, I realized I loved some of the things Miley Cyrus wears in that movie. She has a few things spotted that I really want to find, but some that are that I would really love. I was hoping some of you could help me find this skirt and shirt or even something close, but I would DIE over the exacts (Her name is Veronica "Ronnie" Miller in the movie by the way): (The skirt is right above her knees, not a maxi)

And this skirt:

Thank you SO much in advance to anyone who helps me. Also, if you see any of her exact spots get posted on ebay, PLEASE message me.


I wanna know the SAME thing! Just made a new spot for a piece worn in the film but I want to know her brands of unspotted pieces for that movie!

hey girls,

anybody interested in the allsaints damisi boots? europian size 38 in black / never worn.

message me if you like.


if u r a bileber u would type up justin bieber chrimas album on coolspoters i made it today i hope u like it it took forever to make it plez check it out

what is that for a jacket?


love this girl :)

I can't find the shorts that come up real high that are in style now anywhere!

Try Urban Outfitters or check your local consignment shops for jeans and you can make your own cutoffs.

Okay thank you!

Does anybody know what those shoes Miley has been wearing in recent candids are called?

They look like moccasin/ cut off ugg type things. They are strange looking but I like them!

anyone know the half moon necklace made of bone with the crystal as well that she's been wearing recently ?

Anybody know where she got that polka dot dress she wore not long ago! It was soooo friggin cute! Want badly!

When Miley wears multiple necklaces or rings or bracelets, does she wear all the same metal or mixed?? Like is it ALL gold tone or ALL silver tone? If it's mixed metals, what's the trick to pulling it off?
I notice she does a lot of layering with jewelry and I want to get that look!

This picture captures what I'm talking about: Tons of rings, necklaces, etc.


they are all jacquie aiche! I have contacted the designer, to create a piece for me. they are not available yet but for the right price the designer will make one special order for you! they are all gold

What for Shoes and purple Jeans does Miley wears here? Can someone spot it? Thanks for every help :)


Hey, is there anyone from the US who would help me out, please! :)
Would love to get the billabong skirt!
Just message me, thanks! :)

Oh my gosh! Will someone help me find that white dress that she's wearing with Liam? It's short in front and long in back! & also the Billabong Skirt!

Can someone help me find the dress she's wearing with Liam? It's short in front and long in the back and shes wearing Converse with them!

I definitely don't consider myself a Miley Cyrus fan, but I do like her clothes and I love her new hair. I think it looks pretty perfect on her :)

I like miley cyrus but honstly i liked her old hair better her new hair dosnt suit her that much

What the hell happened to her hair? That's...horrible

Hey if she wants her hair like that let her have it that way if u don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all

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