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Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor. He was born on on March 1, 1994 in Stratford,Ontario,Canada He was discovered in 2008 on youtube by Scooter Braun. Justin signed with Island Def Jam Records. He has five albums out. (My World, My World 2.0, My Worlds, My... Read More



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I can't find white tk society ones does anyone know where i can buy some white tk's ?

They don't sell white TK's they're dead stock! But you can look on ebay..

Does anyone know the brand of this vest.

And is that vest cotton or leather.


Leather, but I don't know the brand.

Where these sneakers some limited edition or maybe custom because i never found them anywhere.


I bought these SUPRAS on amazon.. But I guess they're not available anymore.. But you can search for them on eBay.

Yep, deadstock

does anyone know where i can buy his new black red pants

Do you have a pic or a link?

Does anyone know where i can buy this pants?


Those are custom leather Balmain pants. You can't get em unless you want to get custom made pants

where can i custom them

You can look for sites that customize leather pants

Does anyone know where to buy this or similar neon green sweater.


Does anyone know what earrings he's wearing on this picture?:)


What picture? Caus I see a lot


That link, second picture on the page :)

The rings?

Exactly :)

I don't know the specific brand, but you can find similar ones almost everywhere. The mall for example

does anyone know the brand from these pants or where i can buy them?


Idk.. But you can definitely find similar ones at Topman, Bershka, H&M

I cant find something similar.. if you can plz help me :)

Does anyone know the brand of that red shirt and where to buy some similar red shirt.
And that golden chain.


Everything at asos.com

Where to buy some dog tags.
Not like thoose authentic military ones but some casual ones.

Claire's or just look it up on google


dose any1 no wreu can get these pants and jacket

Where can I buy Justin's pants that are all black with gold zippers like he wears in his music video all around the world? PLZ help

does anyone know the brand from these pants or where i can buy them


Try Topman, Zara, River Island or H&M

Does anyone know the brand of that red shirt, or where to buy a similar one, oh and where to buy similar golden chain's. http://www.justinbieberzone.com/gallery/var/resizes/Conce...


You can find similar ones at H&M, Zara, whatevs.

For golden chains check eBay or a local jeweler

You can search on ebay for herringbone chain or cuban chain

Are thoose pants he's wearing denim or leather.
And is there a brand thar sells similar leather pants(balmain is relly expensive.)


It's leather. Check out zara

difficult... balmain pants

Where can i buy this pants ?


Don't know if you can find this specific color on the Zanerobe website, but Zanerobe does have some outstanding joggers!

where can i buy this pants?


He gets them customized.

Can i get costumized pants anywhere ?

Maybe you can google it and you'll find a place where you can get customized pants ;)

Lots of places do it just let them know what your desired hem and fit.

does anyone already know where i can buy this drop crotch ?


Topman, but it's from a couple collections back. So you could either try ebay or find similar ones somewhere else.

Does anyone know where to buy this jacket??


¿What model are these shoes?


Idk I've been looking for them for a long time

i think they are custom adidas bbneo hi top shoes i found only one pair in black at ebay check it ;)

I dont know why do u know the link to the black ones

Ive just orded a pair of red ones from a addidas they had 1 pair left customized so i offerd 180£ and they sent them off now

Some please help me find a link to buy this hat.


I think there deadstock , check ebay

does anyone know where to buy this jacket?


Yeah but for real doe.. somebody that find this.

Don't know what brand that is, but you could probably find a similar jacket at asos.com or maybe Macy's

can someone help me find this jacket?


Not sure, but try Topman, River Island or Asos.com

Can someone tell me the brand of thesse pant's.Or if there balmain some brand's that sell's pants with zipper's on there pocket's.


Looks like Balmain pants, but if you don't want to spend the money, a lot of cheaper brands sell biker denim/pants too now (Zara or Represent Clothing for example).

What's the Jacket his wearing,see my profile image


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