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Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor. He was born on on March 1, 1994 in Stratford,Ontario,Canada He was discovered in 2008 on youtube by Scooter Braun. Justin signed with Island Def Jam Records. He has five albums out. (My World, My World 2.0, My Worlds, My... Read More



i have all his original clothes from him its very cool only one of the cars is missing

hi my names Makynna and i live in Battle Creek Michagan i wish i could meet you but I know you buzy and stuff so whatev im not a fan and im not gonna cry over you cuse a boy isnt worth it so if you dont find me then i guess its you loss not mine :)

hi my name is tonina you can cal me toni im in croatia now and justin my favorite song of yours is never say never i wacht that movie,baby,never let you go,someday at chrismas,respect.!!!!
kissi kissing

Ok well i never really found my self in the justin biber feaver But hey love ur music ur good at singing thats a gold star Ummmmm But ya much love go for the gold -smiley faces-

i love all of your songs you are so hot

jb.tu es 1 bo garçon et ki a d bl voix,mé ca métone 1pe ke tu sort avc caitlin!mé el est 1 pe plus grand ke toi j'espér mé spa grav c tn coeur ki la choisi,bn fé kme tu ve.

facebook me dillon james antony suthon plz o and justin u r cool

Hey Justin, how are you?

Hey Justin :) how are you?

you are truly the world's best singer, and you're probably also the world's nicest boy; P in my opinion .. I hope you come to Denmark next year:) you have so many fans here ...
Love Pernille

bieber is gay. I just like his style.

Noo he is not gay.. He loves girls ;)

heyy justin i likee urr mussic ndd stuff butt id likee 2b frwendzz justt frwendzz okk luvv yaa

i thinke so? and hope ;-P

I love you I'm your biggest fan I love your songs and I sing my friends say that I'm singing your song to listen to how I was a singer.

How can you arrive at the Polish concert in Warsaw in Poland, you have more fans and my fans you please: *

Justin if you come to the Polish concert ?

Justin can you please ask you a few questions as if the interview ??

Ur the cutest guy on this planet. i just cant seem to get u out of my mind! XD

Justin come to Polish concerts :*

Justin please reply to my questions, please (as I wrote it so please reply)
1. ...
2. ...
and so on ok :)

Hey:) Okay so I think your really hot and it would be amazing to meet you and just chill, but that (in my life time anyways) would never happen:P So yeah and to be honest with you i actually hate your song "One Time" it annoys me :P but I love Baby,One less Lonely girl and your new remix version of "Somebody to love" :) Well Have fun at your concert in Montreal!!(Thats where I'm from) <3

hey, justin you sing very good and i love it !! so why you don't come to dominican republic ? you have alot fans here.. we want you her in dominican republic ..

hey justin follow back me on twitter please

justin bieber i love you sooo much ~~~ kissing~kissing~!

justin you are soo great :)i love you!!!!!

You are the music in me. I'm Chinese.

Hey,i'm Chinese too~!

Justin I love you !

Hi JB!
I'm a big fan from germany.
We love your style and your music!! :)
And I love your style too.
Especially your shoes!
Greetings from Germany.


I love his shoes too!

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