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Francesca "Frankie" Bridge (née Sandford) (born 14 January 1989) is a female British singer and member of the band The Saturdays. She was previously a member in the band S Club 8 (S Club Juniors) and appeared with them in children's television programme 'I Dream' before they disbanded. She is... Read More


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i cant believe she dumped dougie for ugly Wayne bridge. what is she crazy???

yeah but wayne bridge is way richer than dougie is maybe thats why she dumped dougie for wayne.

can anyone help me? In the last episode of The Saturdays 24/7 when they went to LA, near the end of the episode Frankie is seen packing and sitting on her suitcase in a blue nightie which looks like it says "good in bed" on. Can anyone tell me where its from?

the blue tee shirt w/ the print on the front and the back is from victoria's secret Pink collection :)

Thats fab, thanks so much for that! I hate it when you see something you want but don't have a clue where its from.

This page is the reason I'm so skint :')

lol yeah i know same with me i love frankie shes my style icon love you frankie.

Does anyone know where Frankie's pink Chanel t-shirt is from? I can't find it anywhere.

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