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Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), better known by his stage names Eminem and Slim Shady, is an Academy Award- and multiple Grammy Award-winning American rap artist. Having sold over seventy million albums worldwide, Eminem is one of the highest-selling musicians of the early 2000s, thus making him... Read More


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He is so sexy!

awesome rapper

By far, the best rapper. :)

SEXY!!! The thing about Eminem is that you can actually understand what he's saying, not like other rappers where you don't even know what they're saying so you have no interest in the song. You can actually relate to what he's talking about and it's not just about sex, money and drugs, but life itself and the difficult times. Eminem is by far the best rapper in history and will be forever!

i love eminem, slim shady and yes im a girl U ROCK!!!

Yeah,I agree to with all of you.He's the best,he's the king.Oh GOD when I see him singing or talking I become completely crazy,cuz he's oh GOD I can't describe him.Wonderful,amazing,handsome,it has everything that a boy must have.With one word he's PERFECT...<3.


Best rapper of all time

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