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Clayton Holmes Aiken (born November 30, 1978) is an American singer, actor, author and humanitarian. He was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and attended Leesville Road High School. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in December 2003, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in... Read More



Love to check in here every day!

What a fun website! This place is very addicting!

Clay's been added to Decca's site!!

I can't believe there's no over 1,000 spots for Clay, very impressive!!

Having fun checking out this site!

I absolutely love that new photo of Clay at the Atlanta Airport!! He looks WONDERFUL!!!!

It's getting better and better here!

Love the latest photos added.


The magic of Clay is everywhere!

This is a great place for one-stop Clay shopping!

Glad I could log in and see the latest news about Clay!

I love this place - the history of Clay Aiken!!!

It's good to see that our adorable Clay Aiken is still 'cool' enough to be up at the top of Coolspotters. I'm looking forward to new music - c'mon, Decca, give it to us NOW!!!

Love coming here to see the latest.

I love coming here to keep up with Clay news. I can't wait for his new CD on the Decca label!

Hey folks! Don't forget to look at the spots and rate them and be a fan if it moves you. :)

Clay in shades - waaaaay too hawt! Love the guy!

Ah, Clay, exactly WHEN is your next tour gonna be? We're anxiously waiting for ya!! :)

i m a big clayfan from holland since 2 years
hope he will ever come to Europe go Decca!!!!!!!!!!

Hoping for news of a 2010 concert coming up!! There is nothing like hearing Clay singing live!!!

I hope you got to see the Timeless Tour with Clay & Ruben this past summer, it was fantastic!!! Another tour is coming in February!

Love Clay and he has one of the best voices ever. Can't wait to hear what he will be doing next. Terrific entertainer.

Loved Clay from the first moment I heard that voice. Now I follow him everywhere. Love the voice, love the man,great entertainer. He's a pleasure.

This place is fun!

Yes, it sure is, and very addictive too! It's really interesting to see all the different people, places, events and all sorts of other things associated with Clay!

Clay Aiken is wonderful on Celebrity Apprentice!

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