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Christopher Maurice Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American R&B singer-songwriter, dancer, music video director, and actor.


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he is just so fine.

hell yeah is just so HOT!!!!

how is he not connected to rihana? his people take that shizz down or what? lol

you r a little ***** ***** and a basted you hurt rihanna you stay a way from her if you don`t i will kill you.

first of all dont be threatning chris brown like that because you dont know him so i advise you to get rid of that threat asshole!!!!

Dont kill chris brown he is so Fu***** cool me and my boyfriend adore him so much so dont touch him love you chris brown

Chris can you meet 2 gurls at chunchland middle school soon.

Main i luv u so much i luv ur style voice and how yu dance

chris brown is so sexy I let him come to my crib anyday!

I let him take me down anytime.I no bull. he wont be saying deuces to me!!!!!!!!

i love chris brown <3

I love ur song don't wake me up

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