Warm Bodies

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After a zombie becomes involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims, their romance sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world. Directed by Jonathan Levine.


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Sorry ladies but the Forever 21 sweater is incorrect! The pattern does not match Julie's! I just spotted the correct one!

The Forever 21 tank is also incorrect. Julie's straps are thinner than the forever 21 one.

I went ahead and added one of the two items Premiere props has for sale on their ebay! Once pictures are released of Julie in the top we can add them! Premiere props also has another costume of Julie's for sale on their ebay but the brands are not listed. Anyone have any idea what the brands could be?

I wish we could spot Julie's boots!


Here is a close-up of them:

We know it's laced, brown, leather, little to no heel.


So I've been looking at Premiere Props' eBay page, and to say that their reporting of brands is 'spotty' would be an understatement. They did list Julie's slacks as being BDG corduroy pants, though.

Her plaid is BDG I believe, I'm getting that full outfit so I'll be sure to put it up when i do and can check the exact brand

Very cool! The timing on the auctions was good; it might be the best chance any of us get to take a close look at some of those costumes.

Yeah and the company will send you better reference pics if you ask for them.

Plus a lot of screen worn stuff has the tags cut out for comfort, so the brand isnt always visible

hey guys, I have Julie's J Crew sweater in a green color (not the same color she wore) if anyone is interested in buying it!

So, it's hard to tell from the photos, but I think Nora's Ragwear jacket (from the scene where they're taking R to General Grigio) might be the 'Ewok' model, minus the hood. Has anyone seen good close-ups of Nora's jacket for comparison?

You are probably right. The Ewok model looks closets to the style she wears. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any with a dark fur lining though.

The J. Crew fisherman sweater is listed on ebay in a sz Large

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