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The Twilight Saga: New Moon is a 2009 American vampire themed teen movie based on Stephenie Meyer's 2006 novel New Moon. It is the second film in The Twilight Saga film series and is the sequel to 2008's Twilight, which is also based on Meyer's previous novel. Summit Entertainment greenlit... Read More



yay yay cant wait ;3 twilight forever~!

i can not what foe the last book to be a movie

haha yeah that one will be the craziest i wonder how they'll do it

They are releasing the New Moon soundtrack early. It is coming out this Friday, the 16th. It was leaked on the internet or something I guess so now they are releasing it due ot popular demand :)

I preordered it from Amazon and got it in the mail today. It was only $9.99. Cheapest I have seen it if anyone is looking for it cheap. :0)

Here something cool! Alice's MK Ombre Jacket. Not the driving coat, but the bolero version ... very, very cute!

i love alices clothes! most are too expensive tho. i tried to get the DVF dress a while back but it went for over $400. thanks for link, but i need a small or xs. but i do like the shorter jacket better!

this person is selling the Lucky Brand is her items page on Ebay you just have to go through the pages to find the sizes and stuff...

Hey girls so I know theres still debate whether or not this natural reflections shirt is correct (in my opinion it isn't) but I happened to come across this shirt from Forever 21 and it looks pretty close to the one Bella wears. There are a lot more flower prints and the Eggplant colour looks spot on with Bellas shirt. The only difference is that if you look closely the flowers a just a little off. Here's the link to the shirt if anyone's interested! It's a good alternative and it's only $11.90 =)

The Alice jacket (it's similar...not exact) was sold for $169.50 a couple weeks ago, and the person that bought it is trying ot sell it now for $219. Ug....

Yuuup. It's the same person that kerbear585 linked above for the Lucky Brand Henley.

Yea that seller and her friend (whose username escapes me at the moment) are insane with their prices. They are selling that AE henley for what $259? Because they think people will actually pay that for a shirt they got at TJ Maxx for $7.99.

If anyone actually wants that flowered shirt I found it here and it's on sale.

Does anyone have an id on the dress Rosalie wears at the end during the voting scene?

I've seen it 3 times so far.. It's completely awesome!

I'm going a third time this week, but that is it! I don't want to ruin the novelty.

I watched it last weekend and I thought it was great! They filmed the Cullen house scenes literally 2 min from my work!

I am with jacob i already read the book it was ok but, the movie was better then the book that is i now

has anyone figured out what hoodie bella is wearing in the poster and in the rain scene with jacob?

I listed one of the candle sets on eBay for the starting price of $0.99 if anyone is interested.

I can't find it on there. What's it listed as?

Hmm.. It's not showing up and I'm not really sure why.

I found it and a bunch of other ones when I typed in Jewel Tone Candle. I didn't add "votive" in the title.

STOP SPOTTING PEOPLE WHO AREN'T IN THE MOVIE. just because they did a spoof does not mean they should be spotted. stop please.

i flagged it. hopefully they will be taken down.

Lots of awesome Twilight & New Moon merch. including Bella's Bed Comforter from this seller on eBay!!

So I have both the New Moon Score Piano Solo book and the New Moon Original Soundtrack PVG book. There are 2 completely different versions of the meadow theme in each book. Does anyone play piano on here? If so, which version do you prefer? They are really different. Although the PVG version (has the beginning which I like) the solo version has more depth and sounds more like it in the middle section. Thoughts?

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knows what shirt Jacob is wearing in the motorcycle scene when they try out the bikes for the first time....its brown and has what looks to be a mountain/forest tree line on it (i think the graphic is yellowish).

Thanks for the help!

Hey everyone! We have created a FB Page to get the curious gypsy thermal from Twilight remade. I personally spoke with the president of the company(and he is a fan of our page!!!) and he said with enough requests/fans he WILL reissue the top! Please join our page!!!/group.php?gid=124654157584500&...

Hey everyone, I created a page to get J Crew to re release the cardigans that Bella wore in New Moon & Eclipse, please join!!/pages/Re-release-of-J...

Save 20% or more by using the code 4990 on

Bella's Hollister Cami For Sale! - Hello Everyone - I bought this Cami from Charlotte early last month - and as much as I love it, it just doesn't fit well on I need to sell it. It is a size large, in grey & is in great shape. I am asking $70 for it - what I paid. Please message me! Thank you, Corinne

SELLING!!! I've added quite a few new goodies to this post and lowered some prices of ones that were there before.

I'm offering great deals on combined shipping! Also although prices are listed if you want to make an offer on something I'll take it into account. Happy shopping ladies!

PM me here or on LJ

I put my Bella/Kristen/Twilight UP FOR SALE items on my ebay link is below. Check it out!!!! Lots of interesting stuff at good prices

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