The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

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U.S. Release date: 11.18.11 (P1) and 11.16.12 (P2). In the highly anticipated next chapter of the blockbuster The Twilight Saga, the newfound married bliss of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is cut short when a series of betrayals and misfortunes threatens to destroy their world.... Read More



for me the book was a total disappointment, so hopefully the movie is getting better!

I hope the movie will be better, I didn't really like the book


it's true, the book was a total disappointment.

agree with you! I'm really excited to see Nessie too.

Yeah, the girl they casted looked cute!!!

I guess i'm the only on but Breaking Dawn was my favorite book xD

No I'm with you, all of the books were amazing!!!

when is the movie book covers coming out

i do really hope that rosalie's wig will be as good as in eclipse...she was so beautiful!!

i love the book and the movie!!

I just changed the default picture. It is the first promo poster for Breaking Dawn pt 1 :)

Ok..More breaking dawn photos are on tumblr if you know that site. Just type in Breaking Dawn. :)

OH-EM-GEE! Edward and Bella scene from breaking dawn on Widget Share!!!...

I really loved the book, my favorite one besides eclipse. cant wait to see the wedding!!!

- Anyone think this may be the brown american apparel baby thermal, either the scoop or henley? Theirs seems to be a little more of a purpley brown.. Can't wait for the trailer, hope this is in it so I can figure it out!


I demand a poster with pics!!

i just saw the trailer monday with my best friends;D it was AWESOME!!!

I was wondering if anyone can help me with a little something. I have researched a bit but it all seems confusing to me but does anyone know where in Brazil they filmed Breaking Dawn?

i've readen that it was in Rio de Janerio or Lapa.:)

well Lapa is in Rio but I already found out most of the places so thanks anyway

sorry i didnt know that about ap;)

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I'm not at all against No-H8, but can someone please explain to me why it is tagged? Is there actual No-H8 campaign material in the movie? If no, this doesn't apply at all.. It's like tagging glitter if K-Stew said glitter rocks and never once wore it in the movie.

just ordered tickets to the cinema:D can't wait.
oh and finally found the make-up used on Bella Swan on her wedding day:)

Where did you find it? On YouTube?
i was looking for it since june ;)

the make-up? i found it on a website called there's a lot from movies to events etc...
i can't wait to see everything:D

Thank You ;)
Yeah, me too.
13 days until BD !
And sorry for my English, I'm from Europe : )

6 days until Breaking Dawn!:D
doesn't matter, cuz i'm from europe too:)

really? what nationality are you? just curious; )

i'm from Denmark, u?;D

I'm from Poland ;) connects people, haha ;)

Yeah ;D

does anyone notice that in this scene its bella as kristen and not kristen as bella!!!!????????????!i guess she was late and they said you share the same style with bella so go like this!!!!but she 's wearing her clover ring and her gold ring and the jeans and shoes!!!!it was funny!!!!i totally agree with you!!!coolspotters connects people!!!i'm from greece!!!!!!!!!i just saw the movie yesterday and can't wait to see her again!ATTENTION!!DON'T LEAVE THE CINEMA UNTIL THE END OF THE CREDITS!!YOU CAN GO AFTER THE CREDITS OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!

yeah....because if you think about it...Bella has become Kristen and Kristen has become Bella. their styles have intertwined more and more throughout the series so why not have her wear some of her own stuff :)

I've recently converted my sis into a twilight fan lol. She originally made fun of me for liking the books and films, but I finally was able to talk her into a marathon screening of all the films. Anyway, now she loves it! We went and saw Breaking Dawn together and she said out of all the films Breaking Dawn was her fav. I think she might even read the book. She said she is too anxious to wait and find out what happens. :P Plan to go and see it for a second time soon.

This is really ultimate movie. Just love it.

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its a good movie

superb movie...cant wait for part 2 ...also the trailer looks awesome

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