The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

(Created by Jane Doe)


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When her mom is attacked and taken from their home in New York City by some creature, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl, Clary Fray, finds out truths about her past and bloodline on her quest to get her back, that changes her entire life.


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Knowning filming had just started I just re-read the books after something like 5 years, still as good as I remember :D I really am looking forward to the movie now some of the actors aren't what I pictured and some of them make this movie for me but this is such a good story and I hope it as good as the book if not better!!!

I'm so excited for this movie. More than twilight even. I think cos i didnt read or know aboit twilight until after the first movie was made. TMI is like my baby! Lol i agree about some of the actors not being who i imagined, like jace for one. Simon is perfectly cast. Alec is nothing like i picterd him but we'll see. They all seem so talented and nice!

you can still get the Diesel MyGuy jeans here:

i think in this photo Clary wears a Topshop leather jacket, i've found someone who looks a like, but im not sure until i see a better photo.

I don't know, this jacket looks like Karen Millen one to me, but then again, the pic's quality is too poor to judge.

ohh yeah, forgot that one:) but i guess we'll just have to wait and see

Hey, i was wondering if anyone in the US could buy and post the Brooklyn Industries Insta BK W Graphic T-Shirt to Australia? The postage on the website is $80 to Australia and i'm sureyou could put in in a envelope and post it for much less. I'll pay through paypal.

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You can get Simons Jacket (Diesel Treated Heavy Jacket) on Neiman Marcus:)

Do you guys think that Simon's glasses could be these Ray-Bans
RB5227 - 2034 | CARIBBEAN?

I don't think so. The temples on Simon's glasses look thinner...

Girls, I'm stuck. I'm almost sure that Kevin wears AllSaints shirt in the photo (the pocket, the contrast trim and even the back look very similar to me) but I can't find short sleeved version... What do you think?


It certainly looks correct. Perhaps they altered it and cut the arms off?

Yeah, they already did some alterations to other costumes, I think you're right

I kind of thought so since they seem to alter a lot of things as you said. Congrats on the spot! :)

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Its so close. Ahhhhh august is not too far. I needcto see this movie!!

I've just started a website for my stories. I've only got five chapters of one story up so far. More to come if rating are good :) Please comment at the end of the chapters or pages and sign the guestbook :)

I have Lily's/Clary's Diesel dress in XS, NWT and want to trade for a bigger size. Please message me if you would like to trade.

Anybody know what brand Lily/Clary's Black TShirt is in the scene where she kisses Jace? It is black wet look splotches on black.....

It is the Diesel dress already spotted on Clary's page. She wears it as a top.

Thank you! Yes I eventually found it :)

I have Clary's Diesel dress in size XS for sale. NWT. Asking what I paid, $98 plus ship. Message me if interested. Thanks!

Does anyone have the club Monaco Elsa tee in small they would sell?

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