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The Hunger Games is an upcoming science fiction action drama film directed by Gary Ross and is based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins. It stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. It is scheduled to be released on March 23, 2012.



Who is going to a midnight screening?

I already saw it, lucky I'm living in Europe! :)

I'll be seeing it in about 5 and a half hours! :)

What did you think of the film?

It was amazing! The only thing I really missed from the book was when Katniss screamed Peeta's name after the rule change. Other than that, it was very close to the book and was able to capture its essence perfectly.

watched it! LOVED IT!!!

Added a new spot for Peeta's screen accurate boots from training/arena by matching the soles, Vintage Shoe Company's 'Isaac' boot is not even close. Peeta is wearing a black pair in training and another black pair in the arena that has been stripped and probably painted brown, easily identified by the color variation. Much cheaper as well!

Your spot seems to have been removed, but I'm curious - what boots did you find that matched Peeta's?

just watched it today!--AMAZING!

I need to post this. I think these people shouldn't claim themselves as fan of hunger games. I think they are disgusting and they need to read the book again !!!!

I think the same, these people shouldn't be called fans.

I really wish we could spot her green top that she wears while awaiting her training score.

Just posted a new spot! yay!!

I have a pair of the steven madden banddit boots in a size 8,5 that I'm looking to trade for a size 9. If anyone is interested to trade, please message me. :)

So, I'm seeling my Katniss Boot alts. They don't fit me so I thought I'd sell them.
I'm selling them for $70, the same price I paid, plus shipping. They are real leather and DKNY. Message me for pictures.

i've found out that Catching Fire will have premiere/be in the cinemas on November 22th 2013.

the 5.11 Tactical TDU Pants spot is WRONG! whoever who made that spot, pleae, delete it

The guys and girls are wearing two different pairs of pants. Please, check your facts.

Love the movie I can't wait for Catching Fire to be released

great alternative to the dress Katniss wears, while being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman (The Girl On Fire dress/Red Dress)

Quick question....I'm watching the HG dvd and I'm noticing that her boots seemed to be different from the banddit ones. I wanted to know if the spot was accurate or if she changed her boots during the action sequences(which would be my guess). I want to buy the boots, but they're an investment($130) and I wanna know I'm getting the right ones. Thanx!

i think Katniss wears Ralp Lauren, like Gale, in this photo:

I have the Sam Edelman pierce boots worn by Elena in the season 2. They are black, size 7.5 brand new. I worn them once or two, they are in excellent condition, but I'm too little for them. I'm not conmfty when I'm walking :( I would like trade them with Steve Madden bandits boots worn by Katniss Everdeen in a size 7.5.

hey everyone:) i've made a THG horoscopes account on twitter, where i will post horoscopes about THG. if u want to follow me it's: @_THG_Horoscopes and my main is @Julie_Samuel793
NOTE: i will first be available to post tweets this saturday, since im busy the other days:/

i think most of the dresses from the interview with Caesar, are from betsey johnson:)

Yeah, they screamed "Betsey Johnson" to me, but when you actually found one, I thought I could try too! :)

yeah, i just wish i could find a better photo of the dress, for Tara, but i can't atm:/

I've found it :) here's the link for the dress on ebay

yay:D thanks!

i saw the movie months ago but i just finished the first book and i have to say, after i re-watched the movie yesterday, that i hate that actor as Peeta :-/ what do you think girls? also please don't spoil something from the second book as i just start to read that yesterday ;-) i loved the first one i finished it in like 3 days and i already know the story but i just couldn't stop reading!:-) the movie i think is almost perfect!they did a really great job!

I think ALL of the actors were great in it and i cant wait for Catching fire! Oh and the rest of the books, are AMAZING!

i've finished them just last week!you're right they are just great!!also i got the other day the hunger games in blu ray and watching it in english i also love Peeta, here in italy i have to say that they didn't choose the right voice for him!!totally different!!love them all!!:-) how can we do to wait until the end of next year?? aaaaarrrrggg!!

Not sure if it's too late in the game to ask, but I have a deluxe arena jacket in Medium (the one with the lining) and I desperately want it in a Small. The medium is way too big for me. I was able to get just the outer jacket in a small, but that doesn't have the thicker liner, which is perfect for the cold weather around here. If anyone has one that's in great condition (mine is almost new) and wants to switch sizes, please let me know.

Hello everyone, I am selling a pair of DKNY real leather combat boots. They are a great alt to Katniss's and they are a 7/7.5, but they run a little big. I'd like $70 for them because I paid $90. I really need to get rid of these because they are taking up space in my closet and I need the money to go towards fixing my laptop. If you'd like more information, or if you're interested, please message me!

i've found some alternatives to some of the tributes' interbbiew dress:


Hello, girls selling a few things. Link on my wall to see my entry in my livejournal. I accept Paypal only and i ship worldwide. I do accept trading for the club Monaco shirt aso Clary fray only. ;)

Help! Please sign this petition.
The show "delirium" adapted from the saga of Lauren Oliver was canceled by the fox after they shoot the pilot. The books are amazing and they deserve to be a tv show. Plus, the cast is really great. Please, take a look and help us! Thank you

I've already posted it on the arena jacket site, but just have a try again here. Does anybody know if the arena jacket also exists in the District 2 colour?

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