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Eleanor Calder is a floor model for Hollister who is also currently studying at university in Manchester. Eleanor has been dating One Direction member Louis Tomlinson since 2011. She was born on July 16th 1992.


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Oh I love her :)

i loveee her and her fashion!!!!!!!! her and louis are so cute;D

I don't understand why people give her hate! She and Louis are so cute together! :)

She chose the right boy to date since she is dating Louis Tomlinson so I will support her

Shes my inspiration!:)

Ok, so I love Eleanor and everything and I think she's really pretty but I don't understand why everyone thinks she's so goddamn "inspirational"
Like seriously
What has she done to inspire you?
Drink Starbucks and hold hands with Lou and look pretty?
Because really all she does is stand around looking pretty and posing for photos and saying
Like we havn't even heard her talk and what quotes or anything does she have to inspire you. Seriously. Think about it.

Sweetie, Uh Uh.
She Has Done Quite A Bit. Did You Know That Management Wanted Her To Go To Tour Wiu The Boys Because They Think Louis Sounds better With Her There? Have You Read Any Of Her Quotes?

she's irrelevant.

Actually eleanor is inspiration because before she met Lou she was just a fan and that shows fans that they can date 1D so that's why is a inspiration

Well, on the other hand, she is my role model! She is brave with hate, is going to school instead of modeling, and living with a long distance relationship that's working.
Happy Birthday El!

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