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waist is 16.5 inches :)

No t'ho creuràs: he obert el cobrellit!!! XD

Ja l'he tret de la funda i és molt maco :)

Tinc un llit de 2 metres de llarg (és un llit típic de l'IKEA) i la mida queen va bé. Si tens un llit de 2 m de llargada, la mida full no l'agafis per res del món!! Massa curta ;)

Alors là tu as compris quelque chose ? XD
J'ai pensé à toi quand j'ai sorti la couette de son packaging, vraiment !!! lol

Hello, je trouve que la veste TNA taille bien, pas trop grande, pas trop petite et elle est vraiment super agréable à porter. Je l'ai trouvé pas trop cher sur ebay en marron et je l'adore, j'espère réussir à la trouver en Dark Shadow quand même! Tu as trouvé la tienne où si ça n'est pas trop indiscret?

Je l'ai prise en M, ça me permet de mettre un gros pull ou un hoodie dessous donc ça me va bien, mais je suis comme toi, je ne suis entre le S et le M et c'est jamais facile de choisir :)

yeh!! :) so glad!!

Hey!! Oh not much, i managed to get Bella's comforter set, so i am sooo happy about that right now!! How bout you?
And thanks! I love the pics i will probably change them as i go!! :)

When was that season of Army Wives? If I know the time period, it could better help me find it. :)


I know, i can't wait for it!! Same, so much schoolwork urgh :( Haha i've always wanted to go to Disneyland, how come you had to go? :)

I will def post some pics of my collection when i get a chance! Oh i see, it's always been a dream of mine!! :)
Also, how come you got another little red riding hood ring?!

I'm pretty sure there was a hoodie at Target that looked exactly like that by Mossimo in 2009, but I can double check later for you. :)

Nope, there is like nothing in the UK! Nearest one is Paris! Oh, but why did you get another one what was wrong with your first one? That's ok, i've got mine! :P

Oh right, i see. Yeah post one if you like!! :)

Alright then! Sweet dreams! :) xx

Hey love! as of now I'm not. If I get it in the mail and dont like it I can sell it to you but I'm pretty excited to get it :) If I change my mind will let you know! xoxo

Hey, thought i'd catch up on here, that seriously sucks. I probs would have done the same as you, contacted them to see if it would work. Did yshe mention whether she would let you though? At least shipping was affordable for you this time! Not so much for me! I emailed them if they have any more in stock, no reply yet :( I'm so sad :(

Salut !
Alors j'ai aussi pré commandé l'édition collector et apparemment il y a 2DVD sur celui la :
Donc un cd entièrement consacré aux bonus !
Par exemple, l'autre n'a qu'un CD et donc que le film:
Je pense (j'espère que tous les bonus seront dedans !!)
Bye bye :)

Ah, j'ai aussi trouvé ca :

Contenu du DVD : Twilight - Chapitre 3 : Hésitation - Edition Collector

* Le Film : Twilight - Chapitre 3 : Hésitation
* - Les commentaires audio de l'Auteur et du Producteur
* - La copie digitale du Film offerte pour IPhone et IPad
* - Le making of (90 mn)
* - Le clip de Muse, Metric et Cee Lo Green
* - La galerie de photos

Donc je pense qu'il y aura vraiment tout dans le collector :)

Hey lol im sorry but i didnt understand what your comment ment. could you please dumb it down for me? And again Sorry

Yes thanks so much! and do u have any info on where i could purchase this jacket online?

sure=) here you go:


I do have silver buttons, though. not coper colored ones

I'm sorry, I don't really know. I bought it in a Levi's store in Rome. so you should check if the Levi's online store have one. and I think mine is just a little bit lighter than Kristen's. and I'm pretty sure mine is women's.

Thanks! :) I didn't think anyone would respond.^^ How's life in France?

That's good to know. =) I live in Sweden and there's snow here too even though it's not snowing at the moment. I saw om your "my stuff list" that you have Kristens Seiko watch. I love that watch. Id love to have one but they're sold out. How did you get your hands on yours?:)

Wow that's so sweet of you. Thank you! :)

Your fast!^^ Thank you so much! Your watch looks great;) But if I bought the watch, where could I find the band?

That's not a stupid question! Vervain is a herb used in Vampire Diaries to repel vampires because they're allergic to it, so a couple of characters on the show wear it in their necklaces. I bought dried, chopped up vervain (it's a plant sometimes used in aromatherapy and some shampoos) and sifted it into the heart pendant. If you want the necklace without the vervain, I can give you a reduced price. =)

Hi thank you for the tip. That's very nice of you! :) I asked her and I'm waiting for a response.

"Ja l'he tret de la funda i és molt maco " lolol!!! -> je l'ai sortie de l'emballage et elle est très belle !! ;) (ça vient avec du jet lag XD)

géniale que tu puisses comprendre le catalan !! super ! :)


I´ll take a pic as soon as I can and post it on my lj :). I cant wait to actually see it, I probably wont be able to sleep!!

thats a surprise to!!
all I know is that Im getting one!!

lol aujourd'hui, qui n'utilise pas google translate? ;)

j'imaginais que tu ne fêtais pas, mais au cas où ! ;)

excectly one more thing to cross of my list!
not to mention one of the greatest thing a girl can ask for ;)

Haha thanks!! I'm so lucky, but how did you know it was me?! :)

Hi, just checking up on how you are doing?:) Thanks again about the seiko watch tip. The girl who sold it never messaged me back so I guess it was sold.

No problem! :) That sounds rough, hope it goes well. What are you studying? By the way do you know if anyone here is selling an american eagle bomber jacket?

aah, how much for? do you have a picture?
:) thanks

hey x i heard that ur selling a red riding hood ring? is that true, and if yes how much and are you willing to ship internationally x thanks
steph <3

does your little red riding hood ring is still available?

Salut !! Je suis désolée mais le t-shirt WWF est vendu, il me reste le t-shirt The Specials.

No not yet, i still have 2 weeks! :(

Thank you!
Random thought: did you ever get the fluxus tee?

Yes the piano :) Nope still looking! :(

hey! :) ,you speak spanish??

oh genial!, igual q yo :) , hablo español pero entiendo bastante bien el ingles ;) , aprendi un poco en la escuela y tambien leyendo libros en ingles :)

me gusta mas el ingles que el español !

Don't worry, I make sure it's a low enough amount so you don't have to pay customs. Sent it off today! :)

You are so welcome! Happy to help!

Yay!!! Glad it got there and that you love it!


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