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Hey, your welcome! Glad that I could help :)
I'm actually German and moved to England for my studies. My sister brought me to this site. Before I haven't been so fond about the whole Kristen hype too but now - thanks to this site - I'm sort of addicted :D And it's so cool to have a place to share this and meet others with the same interests.
So, great to have you here ;)

Hi, I'm really glad you like the replica t-shirts :) I hope yours arrives soon :)

I know what you mean! Spending 300$+ on a Walmart shirt is a little ridiculous. But I think if I had the money and the same shoe size, I'd love to own a pair of her shoes. How cool would that be?
But I hope you are able to get on of the set pieces :)

And thanks! Very few people actually like my hair.
Sucks to be them, haha.

Hello, I know its a awesome photo, awesome I love that video lol x
I got it from www.littlepurplecow.com my sister brought it for me :), but i'm trying to find the real one because that one is a copying one, that what I have been told :) xx

Surprise surprise they don't ship to the uk. Vintage dancer said she maybe able to order me one so I've sent her the info. Fingers crossed, we'll see : )

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