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Thanks Meg :) Can you also let me know where you found the "hollister" tank. Ive been searching everywhere for it!! I'm going out searching for the "energie" top again tomorrow too since I have some errands to run over by the mall. :) I agree with you that it looks like a sweater. At least the energie emerald one is pretty close in case we never find it. I'm glad I bought that one :)

nice! Do you have pics of yours?? Where did you get it?! The hollister one is impossible to find since its discontinued. I dont have any pics besides the one of where it was spotted. Its such a cute top! :)

lol, whoops! i thought you meant the hollister one! i will try to search out some more pics of the tank shes wearing ;)

damn! there both really close! where did you find this one?

I agree. I'm sick of people coming on here seeing whats been spotted going out and buying all of the items then jacking up the prices on ebay. I think a private website would be a great idea. No idea how to do it though! lol

I replied to you on the Bella page too. Maybe ebay names and last names in case people try to create a new ebay name. We have to do all we can to protect the new site from ebay lurkers! :)

I also found a few sweaters that are alot closer to the green/grey bella sweater!! i posted them on the bella page under the white one. I spent all day going between my grad paper and searching on google, lol :)

lol, is it that obvious?! :) how do i send you a link to my ebay account??

Hey man!! I saw that you said you got one of the Bella Cuff bracelets. Did you get it on Etsy or did you get the NECA replica? And how much was it?

wowo the LEI and the daytrip shirt are really close!! have you seen them in the stores at all?? maybe if we find those we can find the exact one. How do i message you on LJ?? I just got my arie pants today :) love them!

hey meg! I think creating a facebook group as the secret place is a lot better bc I don't have an ebay account and I'm pretty sure there are others like me. just a suggestion :) what do you say?


hey Meq.I so want the nike jacket.Do you still have it?Please tell me you still have it.

i want the thermal too :(! you got an awesome mom ;)! enjoy it! envy........

Hey Meg, thanks so much for your advice on the French Connection coat. I bought the 12 as you suggested and your right.....fits perfectly! Many thanks! Xx

hey Meg. can you give me the link to the LJ ? Also do you know where can I order a thermal like your mom found ? :)

hey there! still alive?! this time i miss you on here ;)! hope to hear from you soon!

I'm fine - tired right now! Finished the first part of my finals and now I have to do my paper. But I had to work today after spending hours in the library so I'm done for the day! And it'll be another long day tomorrow....and the day after..... Unfortunately I wasn't able to come up with anything new :(. As I said - it's not that I can run through the stores. Checked Ebay now and then but no luck there as well....it's frustrating. Do you have any news about the thermal for me??? That would be just so awesome. And please let me know about the link for the site and also if you want me to send you the pic. Missed talking to you :)! Take care and I hope that you can work this thing out with your professor. Good NIght!!!

Hi there, I was wondering if you got my message about Livejournal?

Did you get my message too, Meg ?

Hi Meg. I've been on this site for a while and just never created a profile, but I've been reading the stuff on the KStew page, and just had to tell you you're awesome!! Some people can be really mean, and even when they're mean, you're not. It sucks that you can't just post stuff on here without people attacking you. but yeah, I think you're awesome! I think I'll stick to the Twilight page and not post stuff on the KStew page..lol ppl on here are a lot nicer than on her page.

Hey the jacket just arrived and its PERFECT!! Thank you SO much!!!

Really? That's fantastic! well I'm usually a size small, so I don't know if it would be big, Can u send me the sizes, chest size..sleeve size and stuff? That would be amazing, thank you.

S. I would say.. Never really tried on nike's sizes.

I live in the UAE, United Arab Emirates, My chest size is 35cms. What do you think? Will you ship? I also have further questions. Add me, angel_eyezz_6144@hotmail.com. Thank you so much dear!!

Hey have you got any nike jackets left? I think size small or medium, I'm not sure yet...and if so would you be willing to ship to the UK? And do you have any French Connection arnas coats for sale? Thanks

Hello Meg can i ask your help to find a thing?? i like a lot a wool cardigan with hoodie that you purpose like similar to the sherba jacket..i don't find the page with your pics anymore grrr i want it so much to wear under the coat and here in store i don't find nothing similar!!let me know if you remember, i think you put the pics on kristen' s wall more than a month ago..when was possible spot bella stuff on here!

oh oh i've found it on your activity, you've bought it the same day you've found the jacket bella wear in the motorcycle scene with jacob and the others energie's hoodie shirts at jc penny, if you can let me know where i can buy the cardigan in black and for international shipping it will be great, thanks

Hello :). Um, I'm still really interestend in the Nike quilted fleece jacket, I've been waiting for your reply on your agreement to ship the jacket or no. Sorry to be sucha pain. Write back as soon as you can. TC! Thanks again!

OMG, I wanted that jacket so badly *tears*. *heartbreaks*. Meh :(. It's fine, Can u inform me if you found another one? thanks dear.

Hey Meg' ! =)
Can you tell me where did you find the Hollister Bella's Tank please ? Thanks ! ;-)

I want to buy your t shirt Handle This *-* OMG !
How much do you want for it ? =O

I'm from France ! =)
You don't know another package who cost less ?
I'm REALLY interested in the shirt ! =)

So for the T Shirt 'Handle This' ? =DDDDD
And is it possible to buy me a 'Born Famous Grey Couture Tee' ?

Oh ! ='( I hope you'll fell more better than now Meg' !! =)
But it's really too much for me , I'm sorry !
But is it possible to find me the 'Born Famous Couture Grey Pocket Tee' ?

Hi I am interested in the "you can't handle this" tee, please let me know how much are you selling and what is the postage cost to Melbourne Australia? Thanks

I'am also interested in your "You can't handle this" t shirt. Just let me know the price and everything if you haven't yet sold it.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you!

HI everybody! if someone sells this jacketin black size M, please contact me!

I live in Kentucky.

I just want what I paid 40$ plus shipping cost 14 in US usually unless it weighs less and more if its shipped internationally. Let me know if any of you want it still. SIZE MEDIUM. brand new

Hey can i buy the nike quilted fleece jacket from you in size medium or small :)
if you are still selling them i am very interested in buying it from you.
you can email me at soccerchik_etnies@hotmail.com
cant wait to hear from you
Thanks, Erin

Hey Meg! Haven't heard from you in a while, just wanted to say happy new years =)

How are things going, dear? It's been ages. I hope all is well. :)

I will maybe be interested in the t shirt Handle This.
What is the price?

Hey, I know your post is a few months old, but by any chance do you have any Nike quilted fleece jackets still? I'm looking for a black s or xs.

Sent you a message about the PJE shirt! :)P

I did not get that message at all? Funny! ANyways, I live in Crest Hill, Illinois! My email is in the message I sent you! Please check and then you can send me an invoice on paypal! Thanks so much! :)

Did you get my message?? No reply?

I'm from italy. I am interested in your "You Can not Handle This" tee shirt. You also have a Boyfrie Market Milla White Tee? Just let me know the price and if You Have not sold it yet. please let me know how much are you selling and what is the postage cost to Verona, Italy
My email is aler97@live.it

Hey! How are you going?

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