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""Our battered suitcases were were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life." - Jack Kerouac"

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Thanks! I appreciate you posting that link for me :)

Hey Meg! Thanks for the links! :)

I do! My bf is friends with them, I have yet to catch one of their shows but love their stuff. So jealous you get to see them!

Cool, thanks! I wish they were cheaper, I shouldve got them on clearance at delias when i had the chance!

Aw thank you! - I can decide for you.. they're awesome. :P

Hey, I want to get the gray pair of DOV. Can I get that promo code from you? Thanks :)

So I ordered those jeans. Do you have a pair of DOV? I'm just wondering if I ordered the right size. Do you need to order a size up? Thanks!

After I paid I realized I didn't use the code. So dumb.
Thanks anyways =)

hey which jeans made your thighs look skinny? i'm interested in getting some..send me a link?

so is it any of the denim of virtue jeans that make you look skinny? and are they really tight? do they have spandex? sorry for all the questions...

thank you. and i really like your user picture.


I'm guessing she already got to yah! I was supposed to tell you to do blah blah blah. She's a quickyyy one. She'll probably be gone soon anyways. LMAO

Oh that's awesome! You're gonna love them.

Boo to your friends, but yea drag them to it lol.

Hey Meg,
I was really nervous about sending my LRRH spoon to him, so I made sure to get postage insurance, but everything turned out great. The ring turned out perfectly and he only charges $10 (and that includes shipping!). The only thing is that he didn't return the bowl of the spoon, but I forgot to ask him to. So if you want the bowl back, just remember to ask! He's a really nice guy :) HTH

Thank you! :)

I'm sure you could totally pull something like this off. You just need to have a constant KStew Bitchface on, so people will think you are super confident and then everyone will love your hair :P
Purple hair is tres cool, though, I shan't judge! I just hate how it fades to grey.
But thank you for the compliments :D

Hey, that rose dress is back in stock on ModCloth if you're interested.

I know! We're like 'uh what's so exciting about that, her tshirt is visible!' lol

ROFL at your "Still waiting for "breathing"" comment on KStew. :) xx

Le sigh. I would have bought these if they were my size.

I *think* these are also Sids, in youth size.

the second ones^^ are not sids i dont think
but they still look good :)
good finds


Meg meg meeeeeeeg! Did you get the Van's multi? Awesome possum m'dear!

Is that Rob picture new or "old new"? lol

Hey! How are you? (Love your profile pic. I miss oldstew.)

I'm alright. Looking for a joib up in portland. Gonna save my monies and move to London within a year or so. Do you have a mic yet? we need a drunken skype night soon x x

Yessssssss. I don't understand the people ( on here and other sites) that are complaining she doesn't look like herself. It's a. photoshoot b. a SEPTEMEBER issue of W so expect drama and costume, etc c. this is the reason a lot of fashion people hate having actresses on covers instead of models. I for one laaaaavh it, about time she mixed it up. I think of it as another role she playing. Plus that hair and contouring is so luscious.

/essay lol.

You speak nothing but truths. Nothing but truths.

This is the thing with Rob- I sometimes don't understand what he's saying when he's singing. So I 100% agree with you. He over does the Morrison thing a bit. I adore Marcus and his version though, I think he's incredibly talented and I'm glad he's getting his moment.

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