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gorgeous collection! would you be interested in selling your side-button in aqua? I really want one! You are so amazingly kind and sweet and you have an amazing collection! The red dress looks fantastic on you!

Hi, sorry I haven't gotten back to you. Apparently coolspotters mobile won't allow you to message. Anyhow, I wear a large, extra large. If you ever happen to see the side button in blue or purple please let me know.
Again I'm sorry for taking so long to reply. Have a great day.


Hi. Is there any chance you can help me with the side button on the German eBay? They won't ship to the US.


Maryse, I was wondering since you're in Germany could you help me? Nobody on German eBay will ship here to Cali and its super frustrating.

Hey, if you're looking to sell any Hermione items please let me know :) I normally pay a lot for whatever of hers I get!

For some reason, my message keeps getting cut off :( What I said:
Hi! Thank you so much!!! re completely free!!! :) Thank you!

^ I tried posting on your wall but it didn't work. But my message finally worked. :) Sorry about that!

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