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great spots :D

your really great at spotting stuff quickly!
(I have no idea how you do it!)
but I was looking at this picture of nikki and rob
at a kings of leon concert,that you had posted, and the 2nd girl was identified
as Anna Schoenberger
all these blogs are saying it was her,
but when you look at that picture doesn't it look
identical to cecil (sage and the dills--nikki's friend)?
I really think it is. In the third picture provided
there's a side profile of the model girl and it doesn't even slightly resemble the side profile of the girl at the concert.
please let me know if i'm wrong or right.
thanks for all you do on coolspotters!

Hey, I noticed you spotted Kristen Stewart's Converse Low-Tops so I just wanted to ask if you know for sure that her pair are pumpkin orange. Aren't they just plain orange?

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