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Nice of you to become a fan of mine Judi ;)

welcome to coolspotters :)

Welcome to Coolspotters ;)

Youre welcome :)

I can't reply to the message cos I'm on my phone, but WOOOOOOP their here!! Yayayay! Send it when you can send it lovely, no worries at all :) xxxxxx

omg like I'm so embarassed...totes didn't realize I wasn't even your fan....

that's how kids speak these days right?!?!

aah thankyou Judi
;) xxxx

Just noticed you put the UO shorts on your wall for me - you're such a thoughtful gal, haha! I actually got them remember! I should really update my LJ more often.. you know what I'm like with technology! x

Hey! I'm DEFINATELY interested in the Make Believe Tank top and the Little Red Riding Hood Ring your selling!! How much!? And is there a way I can get a picture of them??

i'm interested in the black heart hoodie. did you get my coolspotter message? i sent it a couple days ago.

Did you sell the black heart hoodie? If its a medium or large I am interested if you still have it

MISS YOU :D come back! xx

Thanks :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Hey chick. I'm good just trying to decided what to do with life. Wondering if I should do a bit of traveling again. Saving is a bummer though with the slight shopping problem :D what have you been up to? Xxx

That would be amazing!!! Gunna have to remember to play the lottery now haha.

Hello! I don't think that shipping to uk would beamy more than 15 dollars.... Last time I shipped to uk if was 12.61

Hey!! I just got your message! Thanks for the birthday message from last year!

I miss you too x

BUTT t-shirt size medium £5
F-Troupe Bathing Shoes Size 6 £15
Karen London Ring (I think size 9?) £15
Big Star Lani tank size medium £25
Harrington 2 tone jacket size medium £20
Diesel Skippi Shirt i can't remember if it's small medium??? £70
Frye Kira size 6 £25 different colour to kristen's! but very close
All shoes size 6 guys

more details later!

The vauge hoodie has pale yellowish stains under the arms. I can't remember. Size medium.

Please bare with me!!! I am not home at the moment. Will update the list by January the 7th. Hopefully. Thanks guys.

I'm interesting in the "Karen London Ring (I think size 9?) £15" hun :) xx

Hey :D I'm fine, I'm doing great, I've found an apprenticeship that starting in Feb sometime so YAY!

How are you going my dear? How's College or UNI?

Oh its fine that its Rose Gold :) You've posted that your not home right now if people want something they'll wait for you to be home! Other wise ***** them ;P

Oh really? Well personal preference, I mean it is a bit weird how Christmas is supposed to be about Religion and now its just all about Santa and presents. But I don't think you can fault a holiday that in the end brings people closer together :D
Even if your not celebrating Christmas doesn't mean you can't enjoy it with your family :)

Mine went great :D Nothing happened this year so the family went up to my Nans which we didn't get to do last year because of medical issues. But I got some cool stuff like an electric toothbrush! I got some clothes and smelly and DVDS too :)

Did you get anything even though your not celebrating?

My dad made a desert this year that nearly gave me and my brother diabetes! It was a chocolate log with a warm waffle, vanilla cream and squirty whipped cream in normal and chocolate flavour!

But even though this is my first Christmas that I can drink I've not had a drop and I've not gone out tonight which is weird as EVERYONE here goes out on Boxing night as everyone dresses up :P and I mean EVERYONE!


Hii!!!! How much for your angola prison tee xxxx

Ive Sent you a message hun xxx

I miss you!!!!

Nuhuh. I miss you more!

Your boots comment is too far into the comments to reply back on there lol but hunter boots are hella cute but I just splurged on a bunch of sh!t so I can't justify buying it at the moment

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