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Hi. Do you know where you can get this jacket? the one alice wears in new moon. Are you selling it ?

great spots.:)

hi do you know were to get the zara jacket alice wears in new moon?

Amazing spots. you've got some serious fashion talent. :)

hi lumoa just wondering if you know were to find the blue zara jacket that alice wears on new moon? or if you have it?

hi thanks for your quick response. no problem i was just wondering thats all. as ive been looking for it for a while with no luck yet :) thanks again

I love the things you spot! xoxo

where can i buy the tan leather sandro jacket sara carbonero wears???? I LOVE IT and i cant find it anywhere

Great spots!

Postre manifiestate

Wonderful luoma.Thanks!

All these great Cannes spots! It's good to have a person like you around this site! Great job :D

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