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lol! You're too funny 8(D) m so creative!! :P

was that a homer simpson face?? lol

Hey! Added you as a friend on LJ. Hope that's cool.

I'm interested by your splendid cardigan :)

Hai, I can't reply with a message so I have to do it this way. You can just send it under clothing, but can you lower the value to under $40.-? That way I dont have to pay custom fees.

Sweet! I owe you money, misses! Invoice my ass!!

lol its alison mosshart from the kills and the deadweather! fb will always live on in me. my dad still calls me it and always will do lol!

R u still selling the nuns with guns hoodie or did someone already buy it?

Hey! I was just wondering how much you are selling your Nuns with Guns hoodie? xx

Hi, do you have the Rag Cie smock top?
Would do be willing to part with it?

Well I finally moved and my new place doesn't get any reception from my Internet provider. So I haven't been able to do anything really. My plan has ended so now I'm looking for a new one, just haven't had a lot of time as work has been pretty busy. Hopefully when I get some I can re join the cs party. Lol. So what you been up to, find any goodies lately??

All chosen with a Becky in mind ;)

Hey girl ,its like a dusty purple,pics are under the photobucket link on my wall,if you want more pics let me know ;)

Hey, I have French connection dress UK 10 if you still want it :)


Hi how much for 7fam jeans? X

Hi I'm interested in your superga's in red. Email me the shipping details, izzybelle.godfrey537@gmail.com. I'm from the UK.

Hi, sorry about late reply, I did a 14.5hour shift & my mobile wont let me message. I am still interested, the sambas won't fit so I will leave them.


Hey girl!!!! Are you back??? Sent tou looooots of e-mails and coolspotters messages and added on facebook!!!!! You never answered! I even asked To a lot of girls here if anything happened To you... Please let me know you're Alive! Lol

I see in activity that ur selling bella stuff but can't find the post :( would u be able to repost? Thank u so much!

Hello, interested in some of your things, how much for shipping to the UK?
I'm interested in the 7 jeans & midi shorts & hoodie. Could you give me a quote & i'll let you know what i think. Thanks

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