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hey girl i like the shirt on the first pic :-) but the size large how fits? i'm a medium!i could know exactly what colour is, i can't see very well in the photo!let me know ;-) thanks a lot!

whooooooooooooa girl i saw one minute ago that shirt in size medium wore by nfgirly that has a size xs or small so now i'm sure that a large fits great on me :-), do you ship in italy?and how much do you want for all?i can pay immediatly!!!:-)

Hey! Do you have a LJ?

Hellooo :) I'm very interested in the tan coat you have for sale...are you putting it up on ebay?

Hey, your cosplay coat and the zipper tank came today. Thank you sooo much. Both fit great :) did Kristen wore the zipper tank? :)

Hey, I got my shirt today!
Thank-you =)

Hi there! I dunno if I messaged you already....but someone mentioned you were selling Bella's tan jacket? I waswondering how much you wanted for it :)

Well thank you anyway :)
Darn I wish you still had it though, hahaha.
But I will definately keep up with your new sales!

Hey Heather. What size are the Nike Cortez's again?

Okay. I would love to buy them off you then :)

eek, the sweater coat is so beautiful :(

No problem, it's okay.

What size is the Alice coat?

are your j brands stll up for sale or no?

Okay, YAY! Just one question are they really long? Cause i am really short (about 5'3) so jeans can be really long on me...

did your limehouse sweater sell?

Nice!! Messaging you

hey !
Just to tell you that I've well received the BR sweater, and I LOVE it :) thanks for selling me this !!

You're right, it took only 6 days !! :))

Hi! @BurnedSecret suggested I talk to you regarding how to dye the JCrew professor cardigan. I just bought one today on eBay in white and was wondering how to make it more brown, like Bella's in NM. How did you find best to change it's color? Mine is ivory.

Thank you for the tips!!! Awesome and I will do like you did as yours look like it turned out great! (and @BurnedSecret also said that it did.) And do you recommend brown or terracota as the first color? I'm starting with an ivory cardigan.

Hey, I was wondering if you'd happen to know where I could find the Nike Quilted Fleece Jacket?

Hey again! Sorry to bother but what store did you find the Dylon dye in terracota at? I didn't find it today when I was at Hobby Lobby. I don't want to order online if I can avoid it as I'd have to pay more for the shipping than the dye. Thank you for the help!!!!!!!

Giiirl! I cannot believe your darn luck!!!!! Congrats on the limehouse sweater!!

did you get it back? :)

Thanks! :o) I appreciate the add. I hope you got your Aero shirt a while back. I'm hope you'd have let me know if you hadn't.

HEY LUCCA :) you are second in line for the palm leafs if the other girl doesn't take them then i will get back to you - hope ok :) THANKS KATE x

Is the fp tunic an m?

Yes it's a Medium & Lisa bought it already :) Thanks Savannah

Quick Question, on the inhabit page a few months ago you siad you where selling ur cashmere version of the sweater, are you still selling it? if so I might want it

what size is you bonnie blue's top?

Its a size 4

It will fit!! funny since the spades top is a size 0. Do you ship internationally?

Thanks, I do see the photo now :)
That Alt sweater is great!
I'll keep my eyes pealed now, heh heh!

hey what color is your fp crochet cuff henley? I have it in a M in a blue color and I love it but I'm scared its going to shrink and I've been looking for it in other colors...preferably darker ones or the violet.

Hey what size is the A and O dress?

Im very interested in that.

Hey! Is the Hermoine top shop alt size m $20 still available?

Is the hermione gap sweater available?

Is the best replica of the vintage cartier dove necklace on esty?

Hey lovely, just saw your post on LJ please could I buy the flyers trainers and bis star tank top please? Am on my phone tonight so couldn't message you but my email is Kate-mysticfalls@hotmail.co.uk Thanks Kate x

how much do you ask for the Kristen tank top (the one with the triangles) kisses

i really hope there is a replica of these glasses.. or atleast something simillar to them!

Hey girl!
What other stuff are you selling that's on your photobucket? Just the things with the prices on them?

Hey girl! How much for the Paulina Henley?!

I cant message you cause im on my phone, bur jow does the sizing work, ive heard it runs small

Are you selling any hermione items?

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