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Yeah, we do like the same things!! lol : )

OMG, no. r u serious. PLZ EXPLAIN!!!!!

Thankyou so much!!!!

Cool, well thanx for telling me cause thats easy since i already live here lol

OMG. i am so out of touch, i havent heard about any of these things!!!

i have to go study. ew. but let me know if anything else goes on that i miss lol. :)

ooh which poster?

What's up Liv? I'm on Twitter if you want to talk but I'm going to bed pretty soon. You can also e-mail me or talk to me over the wall okay? I'll be sure to answer asap. :)

Hey LiviaMay...
I really like your profile foto!! Kristen looks gorgeous with reddish hair!

thanks i'm fine and how are you? you're living in such a beautiful country..i'm jealous

Aww thank you so much!!

I read that are looking for a leather jacket similar to Kristens. Urban Outfitters is currently having a sale and i found and have ordered this leather jacket below. It looks almost the same apart from the fact that the cuffs are black like Rob's whereas Kristens are blue but thats the only difference i have spotted so far :)
Hope it helps x

Hey Liv. The Nike Grind hoodie + shipping to me + shipping to Australia is approximately $82 US.

Hey, yeah saw them last night and they were really good! more of an old ska, brit-pop sort of sound, but really fun everyone was dancing. My favourite songs are prob ghost town, stereotype, concrete jungle and pressure drop. The more popular ones are too much too young, a message to your rudy, rat race, do the dog and little bitch. I don't think they sold the exact same shirts as hers ... they had a black 30th anniversary tour shirt and a white one with the specials on the front (kind of similar). Otherwise if you leave a wall comment i think some people on coolspotters found somewhere to buy her exact shirts online. Or if you end up going to a concert, i say get one there! Hope that helps

hey I think I have good photos from kirsten in high quality, give me you mail and I would send you some!

Better late than never, I reply to your comment 3 months later xD Yeah, I live in Lyon and I was born here too. But honestly, i don't like France so much. I guess it's became boring after 14 years spent here. (Excuse me if i do any mystakes)

lol Thanks. And i'm learning English at school xD So, what did you learn? Je vais bien, merci. Et toi ?

Oh! Nice but i thought you were already went to Lyon! Then, do you know what you're gonna do? i went to London twice and it was just wonderful... so different from France.. I'm nostalgic =(

Salut comment ça va ?? LOL

I'm French and I saw you speak a little French !!!
What is the size of your Quilted Jacket Nike ??

So !!! What is the size of your Quilted Jacket Nike ?? =)

Do you sell it ?? =DDDD
My Name is vicky i want to your profile today at ( and i love it i think we can clcik from thier!please i will like you to email me back through my email thus;( am waiting to recive your lovely reply soonest!
vicky !
please contact me through my email address so i can give you my picture and tell you my datel have a nice day.

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