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Are you interesting in purchasing one? 60 plus the 15 shipping? I can mail it tomorrow. The size small right?

Yes, I will do that tomorrow morning. I will ship it as soon as I receive the payment. My paypal account is Thanks!

Please send me your address so that I can ship it.

I forgot to tell you that yes, the shirt is brand new with tags.

Sorry , I can't tell you , because I'll buy it from this person !

Hey ! Can you buy me a Billabong Hannah Jacket ?

Hi I saw your post about the hunter boots and the color Bella wears is the purple color (called Aubergine).

Wow!! uou have made soooo many fantastic spots and ps you should have way more fans :) x

hey there, ask elyka on here! i know that she has a lucky brand tunic in m for sale.

Wow! You have made sooo many spots..thats awesome! (:

hey love :) mine is a small. its a little oversized so you should be fine with the xsmall :)

Hey girly! I got the xsmall since its mens sizing ;)

Hey! No problem, your not bugging, lol. I did get it. I got a small. I have the green one in a medium and am wearing it on my LJ page. Check it out! Their sizing is weird. In some shirts of theirs im an xsmall and in others a small. :P

Hey! I sent you a message.

Hey girl! I received the shirt!!!
Thank you! =)

navy cami in small and xs :) quick this will be gone really soon!

do the jeans fit like normal hollister jeans? I have a pair of oceanside super skinny with a 26 inch waist if so i may be intrested in buying them from you :)

Thx for fixing my oops w/ the RPatz TV Week photoshoot. I read online it was TV Guide but it was wrong and I spotted it incorrectly. Thx again!


Hy friend, I was wondering if you could help me id the dress of Christian Serratos in this picture:

Have a nice day!

here is the lady that makes the hat ;) make sure you tell her you want the green that bellas is as she can make it in any color. I literally got it 3 days after I ordered it! I LOVE it!!

i love your aerie CGT alternative! what sizes is it? im going to see if i can find one on ebay :)

Hey love! I got it on zappos like 5months ago. Its impossible to find now :P The longsleeve version pops up on ebay so keep checking there! If Isee an xs I will let you know ;)

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

i've posted a message for you on bella's wall, :-) it's about the energie top in size medium

yeah i tought that is because of the pic that another girl left on my wall months ago of the rag shirt :-) don't worry no prob :-) hope you can find one rag soon :-) have a nice day

i sent you message about the ae henley

what are you asking for the joie top?? :)

Hey! So I just noticed you were from London Ontario. That's really cool....a good friend of mine lives there. Actually hoping to visit him up there in March. Fun town for sure.

Definitely if I come up to London I'll let you know and maybe we can meet up! Connect with another person in actuality that gets this whole Bella love thing =)

So I may come up to London at the end of the month. It's only about 80% set but if it would work to meet that could be fun!

That'd be awesome! I'd love to meet up if u are in town! It'd be fun to meet someone from here who shares the Bella/fashion love. And yeah, we could compare wardrobes! Haha! Are you on Facebook?

Added you on FB! Found you b/c you had Annabella as a mutual friend! (And I figured UWO was a safe clue too!) I will be coming to London from the 27th (late that night though) and staying thru the weekend.
Here's the link for the h&m shirt I bought.

Hey! Do u have an Lj? if u do... as me please! I would love to see your collection! I'm CSisabellaswan ;) Thanks!

Just wanted to let you know that I got your package the other day, thank you. I absolutely adore the dress, its more of a tunic length on me but I plan to wear it out the next time we go dancing :)

I have some really cool funky tights and leggings I can wear it with them. Thank you again :)

i wish i knew before you were getting rid of the size 5 dress! i had to buy a 7 and its at the taylor right now being sized down :P such a cute dress! you can always alter it like im doing :)

so many posts> just wanted to ask where u bought that Anna Sui for Target Jaquard Dress??? - they have the vans wellesley hiker in black and brown! everything there is in french and listed in canadian dollars.

hey i got those aerie rollover pants off ebay. they are too big so i am selling them. they're a xxl though.

Hey, saw your comment about wanting to buy the Helmut Lang jean shirt. You can buy it off of me if you're still interested!

hey, just wondering if you still had your siwy shorts to sell?

Hello ! I leave you this comment to asks you for help.
I have a picture of a celebrity and I would like to know the brand and the model of the jacket that he wears, but I'm new on this site and I don't understand how we make to post the photos. Besides, I am French and the site is in English .. So, can you help me to find this brand please ?

Hey can you id the dress that gabby is wearing? its driving me nuts. thanks!

How much do you want for the cardi?

Happy Birthday Andrea!!! :D
I'm probably late, sorry :(

Hey Andrea, just wondering how I can buy that hat you spotted from takers because I click buy on ebay but it doesn't show up...thanks

Hi, I have bella's hollister shelf bra tank in navy blue size med if you are interested.

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