List of Millionaires Who Help People in Need

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The "List of Millionaires who Help People in Need" is a list published on the website InfoBarrel, where articles are contributed by a number of different authors. The inspirational list includes famous athletes, singers and musicians, actors and actresses, and former and currant politicians, all famous celebrity millionaires that give... Read More


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Thank you for taking the time out to read what i have to say but im a single mother of a beautiful girl , she is a very happy girl but Mommy is suffering so bad rite now, i work with the elderly ( i love working with them ) i have been doing it for 6 years when i can because i cannot afford a babysitter , my pay was 38.00 for two weeks , i was taking out credit cards like crazy to pay bills and have food for my baby , i cannot pay the bills ever back on my salary, i just need to get on my feet and know what it is like to actually pay a bill off and not keep looking on the floor for money , now i used them all up i have been trying my best to work on top of everything my house is falling apart , it is leaning very bad also , i have a big stream running in my basement and do not know why ,I Myself had to dig a whole and put a sump pump in but mold is crawling up the walls into the house, when the power goes out from a storm or bad winter my sump pump stops running then i have to go down the basement with my daughter to scoop out the water by hand till the power comes back on , i can send lots of pictures of the disaster house , my chimney is falling a little everyday it doesn't look like i will be having heat in the winter ,, i am being a very honest person and just asking for some help any way any one can , i am so far in debt i cannot sleep at night and i cry myself to sleep.

please if anyone can help us. (570)617-3913

Hi please can someone help me im in a very bad way i fell in love with a man he charmed me and swept me of my feet and then got me to get him 5 credit cards and 2 mobile phones in my name i loved him so much and beleaved everythink that he told me when he said we had a future together but they was all lies coz he took all the cards to the limet now cleared off and left me to pay £10.000 of debt myself i have been of work now for 10 months with very bad depression almost ended my life and just before christmas i got sacked from my job i have no money at all to my name and no job all this fretting is killing me and making me so ill not slept in month im worryed sick i just badley wish i could get this debt payed of and get my life back again and start to enjoy life again please if anyone can help me my email address is mobile number is 07758699609 and skype name is claire.ferris7

Hi, I would like to know if someone out there could help me. I am 57 years of age, I have no money put away for any of the important things in life, I do not want to leave this world knowing my children & grandchildren will have to pay for my mistakes. I purchased a home in 2008, I got the first time home owners loan, now I am indebted to the IRS to pay back 500.00 every year for 12 more years. I am not working, I have looked for jobs but I am not very qualified in anything, I worked alot when I was younger, I held down a job in a sweat shop for 10 years, I had money saved but most of it went into this house, still I am without heat & the winter months here are very cold. My finance has COPD, depression, bi-polar etc, it makes things very hard on me. I am a very honest person & I am proud, I hate to ask for help from anyone, but now is the time. If there is anyone who could help me financially it would be much appreciated. Thank you so much. & P.S. I lost both of my parents when I was very young, so I can not ask for their help. God Bless.

hello my name is fathiya I am from Somalia I left home when I was teen got pregnant then I came to Canada. I didn't know where my family was that time due to civil war. now that I found them I cant go visit them because I am full time student and a mother of 7 years old. I really need to visit them but I don't have the plane ticket to go there if there is someone can help me to make my wish come true please help. I just want see them once again please thank you

I am a single mother who lost there job due to corporate downsizing. Unemployment barely pays the bills. I was looking for a new job till the engine in my car just went on 3/25/14. I need to find help with buying a new or used car or if someone can donate one. I can't even bring my daughter to pre k. I don't know what to do.

Hello, my name is Clarence from Saint Louis, Mo. as of October 2012 I am disabled and suffering. As of November 2012 my wife is also disabled due to congestive heart failure. with leaking valves and part of her heart like mush. Since we have not been able to work and on disability I receive one-third of my working income. Because of this it is very hard to pay medical expenses, pay bills on time, and buy groceries for the month. My wife and I have been married eleven years on June twenty-first. Never had a honeymoon and I am trying everything I can to make life better for her. My biggest issue is taking her on a honeymoon and be able to assure her that she doesn't have to worry about the bills and the responsibility of household expenses or any other financial matters. Since we have been together she has always made much more than I've made on any job since we have been together and she feels like she will leave this earth with me trying to pay off all our debts. I paid off her car last year and mine today. Both are 2004 and on their way out. I just want to get ahead of all the bills to take away her worries and be able to take her on a honeymoon. Some body, any body, please help me.

Clarence again. As said before, I am sixty-three and my wife is fifty-four. Since diagnosed with having congestive heart failure in 2012 my wife has put more into trying to prepare me for her death that I already have a folder giving me instructions on what to do when the time comes. I don't want her to think about her death or try to make final arrangements. I want her to be able to wear a smile without pretending and have some peace, joy, and happiness in her life. For the twelve years that we have been together we have only worked to keep our heads above water and make the best of it. The only things that she has ever asked for were vacations to be able to get away and enjoy these times together. I have never been able to give her the things she wanted to make her happy and now that she feels her time is running out I want to be able to do something really special for her. I just want her to be happy for the rest of her life, or my life, which ever comes first.

A littel thing for others a big help for me

Hello My name Alpar Vincze Alpy my friend tell me "keke" am 34 years old living in Transilvania city Bannfyhunyad - Huedin , im Hungarian nationality and Romanian I am a very positive and cheerful I like to help people around me.I have worked in many areas in my life ( International Transport, Disponent , Party Planer , Customer Services , Personal Driver, i take care for my friends childes,sometimes i like to travel and make sport ) I have good ideas for projects all time I speak German, English Hungarian i start to learn Italian ! But now i have a very big big unlucky in last time in my life where I see no way out without help from other people :( I lost my job from 7 Months its Hard to finde a good job in my Country. I lost all my Money in a very bad Bussines :(((:( . First, not who I am not helpful and I would not want to have to deal with corrupt people who give money (i'm desperate but not in the way that I do it myself promleme higher than i have) .... I have a friend who helped me to make European project but that I can do the project I need first time to buy land for a project that coast 8350 eur to buy land and must set forth the company that will make the European project that coast somewhere from 1660 eur and have to buy 160 lambs coast somewhere in 4850 eur laying a project .... maybe in September but until then to acts laying a project may have to buy the land and I get to do the formalities for the project ..... my request is if you could help me with what little we have 50-100 eur or how many can afford to raise that I can begin the first steps . For the project I have to wait between 1 year and 5 months and 1 year after which you'll receive 50,000 euro from the European Union . I apologize if I bothered with my email trail if you want to help someone who wants to start something with his life...For me, any little help is a big step to make me a better future .... Those who will help me to become my dream come true I'll make a blog where I will inform about the project stage for to everyone who helped me.
If you like my thinking and you want to help someone start a new life with your help please pass on this mail ..... Thanks to those who believe in me and I promise that I will do things that you demonsterz high that I help other people at my future.
I'm kind of oma abiding people do not like lies and always directly and honestly
Or if anyone know a good place to work in another country it would be very helpful for me , I want you to become my dreams a reality with a little help from others!!!
I'm looking for a job in others countries .Im very good in many things ...
I came to this demand of people who would and could help me because I do not see another way out of this very bad situation where I am: (((
Alpar Vincze - Birthday : 1980 . 03 .03
Adress : Horea 73 Ap.9 Huedin - Bannfyhunyad Jud. Cluj Post Code 405400
Tel nr : 0040-742-501683
My Bank Account Details
account number 259295469 / 0300 CZK
name of account :VINCZE ALPAR
IBANCZ 04 0300 0000 0002 5929 5469
Holandska 874/8 Brno - 63900

If you can not help! Maybe know someone (other people) who would like to help! and has the possibility for me to finde a job maybe to help me to start de project !For me 50 to 100 dollars I would be, very very helpful i give back all help what i recive.....i can send a CV with my all jobs ! i send some pictures with me ...
Any donations or help for me is very very helpful...
Sorry for disturb and for not so good English.... :(
Thank you very very much for help ...
If you know that you could help send the email on to those who can help me ..... Thanks a lot
Alpar Vincze
Mob:0040-742-501683 Orange
Mob:0040-725-882890 Vodafone
Skype id: alpycluj
I do not need million of euro just need a little help with that can go on in the future to accomplish my desired project!

Hi me and my husband are in a rent to own house. We have been paying 1400 rent and 700 towards our down payment. The contract is over in August. We were told she would renew the contract one more year, but she has gone back on her word and is not refunding us a penny. We were told if we walked we would lose 8 grand well she now says no you will lose everything a total of 34 thousand. We trusted her and when she drew up the contract were rushed to sign it. We trusted her and now not only will we lose the house we lose all the money we have scrimped and saved. I am just devastated :( She played us and played us good. It would take nothing to put the house for sale and give us our money but she won't she wants the house and our money. I am pleading to anyone who could help us. Anyone that helped us buy the house would make a profit just for their money up fronting and helping us. We would sell the house get our money back and you would get a profit as well. I always believed the way the house came about it was a gift from God. Please if you are in the financial situation to
help us it would be greatly appreciated in ways you could not imagine. I want to keep my faith and I'm praying if an angel of the Lord would answer this add and help us. Ty for taking the time to read my add. May God bless you. <3

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