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Little red riding hood! Check it out!

Hey, I added you!(: Add me back.

Hey i got it from the make believe clothing website, however they have sold out, i think someone said that they might be re-stock in the spring? Otherwise i would say have a look on coolspotters to see if anyone is selling one or on ebay :)

I think that it is worth it if you want to have it right now and not want to wait the two years. No the backing is not how Kristen's is. Kristen's you can see her finger through the octagon and one version that she makes you can't see it, there is like a backing preventing the finger from being seen. i am getting the version that doesn't have the backing so you can see my finger through the octagon. it takes her like one week to make. she is finishing up mine this week and mailing it out to me monday. it will take two years until she can make it with the gold because she has to get a license first cuz she lives in south africa so you have to take classes and pretty much go to school to work with gold.

$57 total with shipping.


she does not have the back. you can see it in all the spots. here is a close up, you can see me i have done a lot of research with this ring...

the picture for the actual spot is not kristen's ring, it is a replica someone had made.

sorry but it does not look red at all. i don't get what you are seeing. i see her skin

yes the picture for the spot is someone elses ring, lol. not kristen's. here is another close up of hers for you to see. click on the picture to make it HUGE, lol...

her real name is Jess :-)

your welcome :-) glad to help!


Hey I'm not selling any tank top, sorry!

Sorry, but first if I find it, it´s for myself


you can buy it at Coolsplay or Ebay

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