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god u love slena xx

I love Zayn

Me to

Thank you for telling me that Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber are not dead! There is still a chance that I could still meet him and Justin Bieber in the future

No problem i wish i could meet them 2

So do I but they r in Britain now cuz the Up All Night tour is done with but they r gonna make One Direction electronic stuff and they r working on a new album

What do you love about Zayn? I LOVE EVERYTHING about him put ur response in my page plz so I know that u did respond to my message

So do I! What is ur favorite song by One Direction

I am gonna write Zayn a song! Do u want to help me? If u do want to help send over some lyrics to my page and I can write them down on my song sheet. The tune to the song will be either WMYB ( What Makes You Beautiful) or to a Taylor Swift song or to a song of Zayn's favorite song or a song of ur choice or you can create a tune to the song

I came up with some lyrics but should we add this line:your my Bradford bad boy and you always will

That's great! I put some lyrics on my page can you can you plz read them and tell me what you think and can you put the address on my page to plz

I found a One Direction address so I will put it on my page and u can see if I matches any of urs

The lyrics ur cousin wrote are really strong,but I really like them I will add them to the other lyrics

The lyrics u sent me are really good so I added them and I also wrote the lyrics I sent u as the bridge and I am now writing the chorus so all that we need are a little more lyrics and a song title and I was thinking of you emailing Zayn at Zaynmaliks@onedirectionmusic.com if you have email and i will write him a letter with the song lyrics if u think it is a good idea

I forgot to tell you in my message below the address I have found For a One Direction recording studio is: One Direction Modest!Management The Matrix Complex 91 Peterborough Rd London,SW6 3BU UK

Zayn Malik was given 2.5 million dollars so he just bought his first fast car!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to ride in it with him but I came up with new lyrics I will post them tomorrow morning at around 7 or 7:30

Yeah I wish he would come to our houses and ask us if we wanted to take a drive with him and we would lay out somewhere on different days cuz then we would fight over who he should lay down with first but I just took a Who Is Your One Direction love match and my results were Zayn Malik!!! What are the lyrics u have come up with for the song

This u are about to read will really have you wishing it would to really happen,so here it goes: # Imagine being stuck in an elevator with your BOYFRIEND Zayn Malik. "Are you scared ? It will be okay,someone will help soon." He says to calm you down. "No I'm not really scared its okay... but what are we gonna do now?". Zayn bites his lip and gives you a REALLY REALLY REALLY HOT smile. He walks up to you and pushes you agaist the wall,grabs you by the waist,and kisses you! How about if that were to happen isn't that what you would want Zayn to you while you are trapped inside the elevator

U should read what I put on my page I put this dream they I had and I wish it would happen

Go to YouTube and search One Thing acoustic version and watch it cuz Zayn looks SO HOT AND IT SOUNDS SO GOOD

I know right but in the What Makes You Beautiful acoustic version Zayn's solo isn't in it

These are really cool and I thought I would share them with you. The last one is really funny:Imagine#1 waking up to Zayn Malik in the morning!
Imagine#2:You and Zayn are on the watching a movie. Zayn's laying down with his head on the armrest and you are sitting in his lap with your back against the couch. You notice Zayn falling asleep so you try to get up quietly,but he pulls you back down and you two sleep in eachothers arms for the night. You and I would want this to happen

There is this website that I am reading and there is this funny Imagine story of Zayn that I am reading and you should read it to I'll post the address on your page and on my page

Go to google and search Zayn Malik Imagines

Things 2 do be4 I die:
1. Kiss Zayn
2. Meet Zayn
3. Sing to Zayn
4. Become a wonderful singer
5. Rise to the top of the music charts

Hey girl wanted 2 know if everything waz O.K. and wanted 2 know what whats happening

U r so lucky that u are seeing Justin Bieber

Do u have Zayn Malik's phone number? I am doing ok just want 2 talk 2 Zayn cuz I want to talk 2 him

Watch Zayn singing Ne-yo So Sick on YouTube. He is SO HOT!!!

R u Alright? I Haven't Heard From You In A While. So Board

Nothing much but One Direction followed me on Twitter and I can't believe it!

I can't hide it anymore... I MIGHT SEE ONE DIRECTION ON THE 2013 TOUR IN WASHINGTON DC!! It means I might see our Bradford Bad Boy!!!!


Hey everyone

Hi ;)

Hey!!! Its me!!! destinyloveszayn!! My account froze and I got this one!! Follow me please???

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