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Thanks :)

Hey congrats for the simdog tank! I envy you! =)

lol!! When you sent the pics of the dunk to me, I saw your name =)

thanks love! yes I won that one :) I got so worried when it got posted on CS but I was glad I was still able to get it :) will let you know if i see another! xoxo

to be honest im not sure i think its called something photoshop.

Hey! Not sure what your price point is but there is a seller in Italy who has the dreamcatchers for the best price I've seen that hasn't been on CS in a first come, first serve luck basis. She has two links for them, cheaper one is first:

Kicker is, the seller does not ship to the US and the seller only ships to the address that comes up on Paypal) then send it on to you. Kate (team-twilight) was helping Catherine (MrsBellaCullen) out with this set up to get one to the US. Just trying to help you get it at the best possible price! But yeah, noticing that you are in the UK you are set!

Yeah, I was going to buy from there. Kate (team-twilight) actually ordered one for me but then I got Cindy's (Bella S.) so then I knew Catherine was interested so worked it out between myself, Kate and Catherine. And while it may seem steep, (US) has only like 3 available on the Marketplace and starting price is $150 US. 27 EURO is not crazy considering its no longer made. So I would recommend going for it if you really want it. It's rare so it may only get more pricey.

I just searched J Crew cardigan then narrowed down by size. Ironically, it was listed by the full name though. here's the link to the one i bought:

At the same time there was another listed:

I put that one on the Facebook Exact or Alternates page. Hope that helps! And yeah, the dreamcatcher did retail for $28 or so I have been told. Now it's discontinued I would say 23 GBP isn't awful, all considered but it is your money! Haha. As the CS pages I am reckless when it comes to money for Bella items. But in my defense, for the BIG purchases, I have the AE cardi, Heritage 1981 plaid, blue AE slub henley and teal AE off-campus that collectively total $26. And then I bought things from girls on here for very reasonable prices, which I am happy with as that balances things out.

Yeah I dyed it with help from heather (lucca). I used Rit liquid dark brown dye then I put it in dylon terra Cota dye. All done in cold water sink method being delicate with it so it didn't pill or get all felt up. Then I pressed it dry and put it on a cheap brown towel I had then put both on a mesh flat spot on my drying rack. I just redid the dye process as I thought it was a bit light and am now really happy with the color. It's awesome u get my logic and rationalization method!! I mean if u split the cost of my big item and small item purchases I bet it would average out quite well. The asos stuff was cheap, the be sweater was marked down both times I bought it. Platos stuff was a steal. So yeah. I just enjoy it all.

Aww thank u! I am happy it turned out as well as it did!

Hi love! I got the DV tee in a med bc I wanted it oversized, I like how it fits ;)


So believe me when I say that I LOVE all her casual outfits. And here's a short list of them :P

Don't worry about it! My pleasure! :D Are you putting an outfit together?

Good on you ;)

My tanks are L, which makes them a little longer, but they fit like a true M.

lol, I know. I haven't changed it in so long a new one feels wierd...
I like yours too :)

Hi, well, I have the jenni kayne skirt, it has kristen, and I saw the skirt from Zara, and the color really is the same, if you want to visit my livejournal and you can see photos of the original skirt and compare, upload photos to zara skirt in a few days:)

Hi, I have to say that this is the most similar to the original:

This other really is not the same color and fabric, texture is completely different, anyway, when try this on the zara store, does not fit like the one I have.

Hope helps you my description! :)

Hi love...the gummies were $169. But shipping was free internationally (within 3 days) which made them worth while :)

LOL you got me I was shocked, too! I'm a fan of you now, too Hun :) xxxxx

Hah yea I am, but everyone I use to know is gone. I'm kinda regretting it lolol.

Aww it's kind!! I hope so thank you! :D
You finished the school too?

Ohh good luck, it's almost over!! :)

Haha you talk about the piano tee right? No, I didn't have it lol, I have not really searched since the last time! :)
And you?

hey love! i sold it about 2weeks ago :( did you seel the FC coat yet?? i might be interested.

im sorry love :( have a good sleep!!! chat later! xoxo

hey, I saw you wanted the dreamcatcher tee. Just thought I'd let you know Simdog reprinted it

Oh gosh! I'm sorry xD Didn't even bother to look at the actual picture. That looks nothing like Ashley's and I've seen the same one their selling for cheaper about a year ago. Bogus-ness :P

Hey love, I would need a size small or medium. The fluxus is new without tags. I bought it new, removed the tags but have just never worn it (so perfect condition) :)

Thanks hun :)

hi honey thanks a lot for the info :-) i was very busy at work and later i was in vacation for 3 weeks :-)))))))) so sad that i'm at work now!


Energie Henley ALT by Energie - Sz M- Pre-owned


Rails Bobbi Plaid ASO Ashley Greene - Sz S - BNWT


Modern Vintage Dash Oxfords - UK3/US5 - Brand new


Nike Rainbow Dunks - UK3/US5 - Like new


Levi's Denim Jacket - Sz S - Pre-owned


All Saints Ian Curtis Joy Division Jumper in beige/peach - Sz L - Very good condition


BDG Sheer V-Neck Tees in black and white - Sz XS - Pre-owned

how much is the ian curtis?? x

Basically, how could Alice have foreseen what would happen in the fight when the wolves and Renesmee prevent her from seeing the future?!

Well the same could be said about Alice seeing Bella, Edward, Jacob and Renesmee in the future at the end. I think thats why it wasn't in the book. If it wasn't in the movie it would of been a crap film so they had to do something.

I think Alice's visions work better with familiarity and practice, similar to Edwards mind reading (he told Bella his ability worked better with those he knew well)
So I think the more time she spent around the wolves, and all her focus and practice made it possible

Doesn't alice say somethign about only being ably to see things that she knows she can see humans as she was one and vampires as she is one?

Right. And Renesmee is half-half, and the wolves are half-human, and then Jacob imprints on Renesmee, so with all that in mind I imagine she could learn to 'see' them eventually too. That's what I think at least :P

^ i'm with wolfy!!! that's exactly what I was thinking!!! :)

Yeah that's true and a good theory!! :)

Lol, I was wondering about that since I first saw the movie :)

I was thinking that maybe Alice just concocted all of that to freak him out, that none of it was really a vision of the future but her thoughts. He has the power to see your thoughts, so if she thinks all those scenes...wouldn't Aro see them and THINK that they're visions when they could very well be just her thoughts setting him up? Just a possibility.

according to stephenie meyer (posted a couple days ago) from

"(Are there a few little trespasses against the mythology in this vision? Yes, as some of you have pointed out. The consensus was that a minor deviation from what had been established was forgivable in the name of entertainment. I had a few very elaborate solutions, but they were too confusing and not nearly as cinematic as the final product. And obviously, the result was very entertaining.)"

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