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how can i add u as a friend.

hey there! I think what you do is under my profile picture there is a spot where it says how many fans I have, and right beside it you click "add me"

I am working on uploading everything right now.
Here is my eBay though!

Yes , it does fit true to size ! :)
I would sell it for ... Let's say around 40/50$ ! Are you interested ?

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for wishing me too! :)

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

hey!!!is it ok that i added you as a friend???

Hey so this is kinda random, but I saw your post on the Emma Watson for People Tree wall & I wanted to know if you found out a way to have the clothes shipped to the

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