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thanks for the idea on ebay. i will have to check it out! i really want those shoes though. they looks so comfy! and are they true to size? or should i order half a size smaller since they are slip on's in order to not make them baggy since they don't tie.

thanks so much. i will just have to check the size chart and measure my foot to see what it says. i take either a 7.5 or 7 in shoes so i will have to check the chart with my inches to see what it says. just have to actually find the size though cuz everywhere is out of stock of 7 and 7.5. popular size a guess :)

Hey your aussie too so am I and you like all th esame things I like well im guessing really buy your favs lol

Thats ok Im Gonna Go But im Driving up for the weekend with my mum cuz i live In Country vic

Have you got MSN if so add me yivvy-may8@hotmail.com

True you are lucky you live in NSW Hey did you go to the sydney in store appearance thing with Kellan and Edi

lol It happened in april i went to the melbourne one read my story here http://liviamay.livejournal.com/1003.html

OMFG The New Moon Poster Im Emailing you RIHGT NOW

It's not a problem! :) I'll keep my eyes peeled out for black and see if I can still remember some websites in my dreams. When I wake up, I'll scour my closet to see if I still have a Nike Quilted jacket in black. I ordered like... 4 in one go because I thought I could give it to them as gifts, then realized it was summer. Wrong season! i ended up selling a bunch of them off of Coolspotters (as you can see on my wall posts). :D

My gosh, that girl that commented below us was so rude!

Hey Sonia! You are not pushy at all! It's completely my fault. Sorry!! Okay, so what I have gathered is that my friend does have a brand new Nike Quilted Jacket but I'll have to see if she wants to keep it or not because she's trying out one of her new diet plans. The fastest I could tell you is tomorrow because it's 11:17 PM where I live.

hey i really want a revolution rock shirt too so how much do you pay for shipping to AUS?

ok cool thanks :)

So I just ordered your shirt - an adult medium. When I get it, I will post it Priority Mail, which takes 6-10 days to Australia.

Hi Sonia. I already have someone who wants the bag, but if she changes her mind, I will let you know.

Your Rev. Rock shirt should be going out tomorrow! I got all the AlertPay problems fixed.

Hi Sonia!
I found this link for the Converse Star Players and they do ship internationally:

But they're not exactly the same as Kristen's. I think Kristen's aren't even available anymore.

Hope that helps you :)

You're welcome :)

Sorry, I haven't bought anything on that site yet. So I don't know if it's safe. But I think so.

Hi Sonia!
You're very welcome :)
I'm happy that I could help you. Have fun with your Converse ;)

Hi Sonia! I'm really interested in Nike Grind Hoodie too. Do you know where we can buy it? Please post in my wall. Thanks!

Hey sonia =)

Noo I didn't received it :( instead of I ordered it more than one month ago ! They answered me that my package is maybe hold by customs, so I asked them the tracking number of my package and I'll give it to a friend who works at my post office, cause she can tell me where is my package with the tracking number. Ask them yours too, if you want I'll tell your tracking number to my friend too

Hey Sonia!
Ok i'm going to send her an email. I hope she could send it to me :) Did you buy it from her? How much does it cost? I've seen that there is the hoodie at Urban Outfitter online store but it only delivers in US :( So I hope Mandy can send us the hoodie :)

Hey I read on the Kristen board that you bought something off Regan. I was wondering if you had her email address because I am interested in buying something off her too

Hey Sonia, I read that you got something from Regan..I'm glad she got her named cleared. But I was wondering how long ago you ordered it cause, I bought something too, and since I'm leaving for college again soon, I'm eager to get it!xx

Thanks for sending me the make up request
i love her look for the EW shoot
i will try out the look soon and send you link of either a video on youtube or picturee

not sure
i'll let you know
meanwhile dont hesiate to send me any more pictures and looks for me to do!
its always nice to try out looks

let me know
dont hesitate to ask


Hey Sonia ! ^^

Any news about your american apparel stuff ?
I still didn't received mine... I become to be very worried, I'm actualy waiting for 3 packages from USA ( My american apparel hoodie, nike salt and peppa and nike quilte fleece ), I'm sure that they're holdind by french customs, but it takes a very long time !!

Hey Sonia, I was just wondering if you ever recieved your stuff from Regan??

Hi Sonia!
It actually is on the DVD. It's under the Extras (Deleted Scenes). I think there are four deleted scenes and it is the last one. Very sad that they didn't put it in the movie. I LOVE that scene! It's really cute how Kristen is dancing :)

How did you like the movie?

Yeah, it would've been great in the movie. And I love the song in this scene so much.

Same as you. I thought it was a bit boring too. But Kristen's appearances...great as ever :D

Me too. Very jealous :D
I would so love to meet her!

yes it's exactly the same jacket just with black cuffs. I would delete your entry with the link if I were you so that nobody else can overbid you ;) Good luck! :)

Ah that's really bad luck. But good find though ;)

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vicky !
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