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hahah yeah that would be nice, but nothing is that easy. i know i searched to hard to find the gold vans and kayden billabong top.

Converse 'sycamore' green (similar to trekking green) in size 10 available:

hey, i think the converse she has look a bit more sycamore than trekking green. just a thought...

well i mean look at this link http://www.zappos.com/product/7316534/color/152870 click between sycamore and trekking green. whoever spotted those could have been easily mistaken. they are basically the same color. i think you would be 100% ok with sycamore, just my opinion.

saw that you were looking for pictures that show Kristen/Bella's layering. here are a couple good ones i found that show the layers. http://coolspotters.com/characters/bella-swan/and/actress... http://s246.photobucket.com/albums/gg86/kerbear585/?actio...

yeah that green button up one is nice. i added another link to the one above for you too =]

You're welcome :)

Oh yeah, that would be cool. I'd love to know how your hair turns out.

I want to get my hair dyed like this, maybe next week :)

That's great that your hair turned out well :)

I'm goíng to show my hair stylist these pics:

And I'm asking for a dark brown for the hair underneath and an auburn (with a copper shade) for the top hair.
I hope it'll work.

I'll let you know how it looks if you want :)

yea yeah that would be awesome if you sent me some pictures. i'm really excited i think it's an easy cut to work with you knmow?

oh it doesn't matter, wall or message. and that's good news, i just got the garnier fructis surf hair stuff and i haven't used it yet but i doubt it will work well on my long as s hair so i'll have to wait until i get it cut. thanks so much for doing this.

Hi, I would be interested in the hair pics :) Im getting my haircut on wednesday :)
thanks xxxx

Hi, I'd also like some pictures of how your haircut turned out if that's ok. And some pictures of what you gave to your hairdresser. Thanks very much!

Cheers for that!

yeh i hope so too! let me know if you get any pictures of it yeh?

thank you!

as soon as i have the money to do it i will let you know haha. did you dye your hair to? if so, what color was it before?

i think i'm just going to cut it. my hair is like light chocolatey brown, like her hair as bella, but mine is less red. also, do you find that the surf hair stuff works better when your hair is not clean? and how do you put it in?

Thanks for the hair pics! :)

yeah, that totally helped. thanks a lot.

yeah i like using it the morning after i take a shower and it actually works on my long hair. it doesn't quite look like kristen's but it gives my hair texture.

thanks =]

I got the henley on ebay for $60 :)

Hey I was going to post the link but I saw that someone else posted it. I hope you get your mittens :)

it' s incredible!!i was sure that all the coolspotters girls had those..but is not so eheheh

oh i don't know, but i think that you will be on the waiting list when they confirm this with an e-mail..i suppose but i'm not sure..

Yup thats what I did. Leave your email with them and mention that you're interested in the mittens, you'll automatically be put on the waiting list


you got that Bella purse? i was just wondering...what does it look like on the inside? like how many pockets and stuff like that and color? i mean i am not going to bet getting it anytime soon cuz of the price, but just wondering.

thanks for letting me know. i will just have to save up a cash pot on the side for it :)

hey. so you have the purse that Bella wears in twilight and new moon? i was just wondering if it would be possible for you to send me a picture of you with it on so i could get a feel as to how big it is? cuz i am 5'1" and i know the bag is kinda big so just want to make sure that it won't look weird on me. i mean you can block your face out if you don't want me to see it. i totally understand. but i would appreciate it :)

i finally cut my hair. it's still pretty long though, even though i cut it to wear hers is, like boob length. i just didn't realize hers was still pretty long. i only had to cut off 4 inches. i also died my hair from a box. i used nice & easy "dark auburn" but it turned out totally wrong. in pictures it looks good like dark and red but it'sa ctually lighter thn my hair and kinda orange so i was pissed about that but whatever. it's kinda the color in the entertainment interview where shes wearing the pinstripe oxford shirt and she looks gorgeous...just not as pretty as her haha. sorry for rambling.

ah yeah well i guess it is what i asked for but i just thought it would be different. i like it though, a lot. yeah and the color, i think i'm going to dye it like kristen's color at the mtv movie awards this year. like dark brown in december. but yeah i'm pretty happy. do you style yours more like bella or kristen?

haha i know right. i change mine ALL the time. whenever new ones come out of her that i love! lol

you just go to the spot where you upload the pictures like you normally would. and then under the picture after you upload it will says....make default picture...and just click on that :) and it keeps your other ones.

uhh, i don't really know. i just shower, shampoo and condish, then sometimes i brush it after the shower and when i wake up it is mostly straight. but when i don't brush it i just run my fingers through it is not as straight when i wake up. i find that if i take a shower during the day and after i out in herbal essences totally twisted moussee in, it's pretty curly like kristens, although it has that crunchy feeling a little, but it doesn't loook crunchy, you know? but yeah i just can not figure out how to get the surf hair stuff right... any tips?

well i put it in my hair when its dry and i usually just mess it up in my hair. is yours wet or dry when you do that?

When I called the Nike store yesterday and he gave me the total I asked if it included shipping. He said shipping was free and that they ship FedEx ground. I am hoping to get the jackets by Thursday at the latest. We'll see. FedEx is not the greatest delivery service we have out here.

sure thing. i can take some pics if that helps too.

hey cool spot!i have to find the thank ;-) good find!!

i've wanted to write that i would find the tank ihihih

I bought it for $68 and free shipping. I live in the United States. The only other place I could find it was in London. Cost for shirt would be $140 including shipping. I was given these places to call to locate a shirt. I think All about me is supposed to be getting some in. You can call all about me the number is: 847-821-7400, frankie’s on the park : 773-248-0400 or samantha’s 312-951-5383, tangerine 773-772-0505. If all else fails, contact Simdog. It worked for me. Good luck!

Love your page :)

that is a mens t-shirt. We don't have the sizing. If you are a small i would recommend buying a ringspun.

Were you able to get one of the Dreamcatcher shirts? The Simdog team was really awesome when I contacted them.

I felt the same way about spending the $68. However, I got mine last week and I'm totally in love with it. I got a size small, which is what I normally wear, and it fits the way Ashley's does.

it is this one but the one that she and i have is a bit of the older model so it is kinda darker and more defined but if you compare, the graphic is the same.

HI everybody! if someone sells the Nike Quilted Fleece Jacket in black size M, please contact me!

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