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Haa ha thanks :)
Yeh i know like 3 people who are like 14 :\ all the others are bout 20! But more and more people are around our age because well.. her popularity has well boosted! Hee he :D x


Sounds great! And very tiring! I play tennis aswell!
I've been waitressing on a wedding today! My first job :) I don't know if it will last, but I hope so!
My back is better now :) I hope your neck and ankle gets better soon :)

I play the piano and flute, but I don't really like the flute, and I teach myself the guitar! :) And I like to read :) Your so lucky you can paint, I cant draw or paint anything to save my life! haha!
What have you been painting??



Would you be interested in doing this look?

It looks so different on every photo! Would you help me, please? :))


Hi! Could you please help me with the EW photoshoot. I am very pale so i'm hoping that helps with the look lol THANKS! :)

How did you get tickets to the fan event? I'm sooooo insanely jealous!


Here we go ...
I looove this makeup :D

Hahaa, don't worry about it! I haven't been on for months either! haha! Ooh cool you're doing make-up tutorials! Wow! I see you favourited Nina Dobrev! I love her! Have you been watching the vampire diaries then?
I'm good thanks, been hating GCSE's but apart from that..
How are you? xxx

I know, they are a pain :/
It so good! I watched ahead in America and they just had the finale and it AWESOME! No words can describe! And completely team Damon :D I actually am in LOVE with Ian Somerhalder :) :) Hbu? (: (: xx

hey do you have a link to a youtube page or somthing - i would like a little look through what you have already covered.
Thanks xx

Ahh I like Stephan too, but its gotta be Damon (: (: I've seen them all already! I love him! He is! He saved a cat from Hawaii! How cute is that! (: (: But they're both really nice (: (: all three of them (: (: xx

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