Soda Pop Bracelet

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Soda Pop bracelets are easily made and unique. Anyone can do it, here's how to: First, cut the bottom off of the can. Please be careful. It's hard to do crafts with less than ten fingers. Then, cut the top off, and cut the can once vertically so that it... Read More


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You can buy a bracelet identical to the one Kristen wears at I have one and it is awesome!

i made one and i love it it looks just like kristen's!!!!!!

how do you make the soda pop bracelet and what do you need to make it?

You have to have alot of soda pop openers u know the thing where u open up the soda, then some black string depends on how big ur wrist is but I got alot of string and then cut of the extra that I didn't need but that's all I know becuz my mom did the rest she is so awesome she even made a built to

Oh it shows how to make it at the top where it saiz profile hope that helps

Oh my.. check out these Sterling Silver Mood Rings ... For Men and Ladies .. SO Cool.. I have to have one.

i made mine and it looks just like this one..

I made mine too) and everyone told me it's very unusual)))

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