Francisca Botelho Gold Hindu Escapulario Necklace

(Created by eg10)

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Religious figures sit at each end of a fine gold chain.



thank you for finally found it!!!! ;)))

How in the world did you find it?! You're amazing!

OKAY OMG eg10 you are now my fav person in the world!

Ohhhhh I want that necklace so badly!
Thanks so much for spotting it @eg10 :)

I talked to a rep from the company and Kristen's is the Catholic Symbol with the dove. It can be purchased in gold or white gold for roughly $1,200

Okay so I've emailed Francisca Botelho about Kristen's Botelho Gold Hindu Escapulario Necklace and I've found out her Necklace is in White Gold. It's a Scapular with two images. On one side is an image of a Sacred Heart and the other side is an image of a Holy Spirit. It costs $1150.

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