Croft & Barrow® Silver Tone Drop Earring Set

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Wear these Croft & Barrow earrings day or night. Oval, triangular and circular designs provide versatile options. Silver-tone finish shines on and on. Details: 3-pair set 1-in. length Pierced Fishhook backings Silver tone



Are these not online? I've looked on the Kohl's website and can't find them. :( I want them so bad!!!

They are but not in the SA color combo. We are going to check stores this week to see if anyone can track any of the purple ones down.

Put me on the list too, please!

Which colors are they on the website? Can't find them. Maybe link please?

I would love a pair too!

I will check my Kohls tomorrow. If anyone finds a pair, please keep me in mind.

Yay, finally!!

So want these... will see if I can find any in my area too. :)

And just so you girls know, we discovered that the same purple ones Elena wears come in different variety sets of purple earrings, so that might increase chances of finding some! Hope we can!

Love these in all the colors! HAHA!

I would like it in any color lol :)
also if anyone finds these, please message me :)

Would love to get the grey and purple ones..

selling! $9 LIGHT PURPLE!

Does anybody sell them in any color? I found them on the Kohl's website but only the green combo and a rose combo...would anyone buy them for me?

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