Clover Two-Tone Ring

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Gold and silver tone clover inset ring.


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Where can I get this ring?? I really like to have it. Please help!

hi, im not sure you can buy it but if you go on etsy someone might be able to make you a similer one. i want it as well. hope this helps!!!

ohh thanks. But how can I ask someone if he make me that ring??

just message them. You have to make an account though.

whom shall I write?? Sorry, but I don't know..

make an account on etsy and then go on something called Alchemy and request something for someone to make and hopefully someone will get back to you make sure you send them a picture of what you want so they can see if they can make something similar and your ring size. good luck!!

Thank you!! :)

your welcome!!! :)

This comment was deleted.

i sent you a message on etsy :-)

Is it just me or in some pictures does it look like the band is gold & the clover is silver?

It is, it's a two tone ring lol

Im confused.

You know two tone? Two different tones? Like hair, dark shade on top layers, light on bottom? (or vice versa)

OH! Gotch'ya! :) Thanks!

Does anyone know the coupon code for the Etsy one?

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