Chanel Camélia Sculpte J2940 Onyx Rose with Diamonds Ring

(Created by Jane Doe)


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Camélia Sculpte Rose Ring in 18K White Gold, Onyx and Diamonds.


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i've got a ring that looks like this one! (: i'm a fan

Any idea where I can get one from? ebay doesnt have any and there nearest Chanel shop is a bit of a trek!

Where can i but this ring its beautiful :)

I just bought this ring! It's from Chanel, there's not a store near me, I called the store in Vegas and they're shipping it to me! It also comes in a medium and large size flower - more like costume jewelry. The small one (shown here) is $1550 and the medium is $3,350 and the flower on it is about quarter size and the large is slightly larger than the medium.

Thats perfect thank you very much

holy crap that is a lot. wish they had a bill me later option. lol

I couldn't afford this one so I got the one a bit similar from Chanel (it's also called camelia but not onyx and not the fine jewelry section). it's double flower, black, nickel, for 275. I just have to live with that..
Just an idea. =) check it out at chanel

oh nice, could you maybe send me a picture?

Does anyone have a good alt for this?

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