Antique 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spoon Ring

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kristen stewart

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The first in our Storybook Collection, this 1920's vintage Little Red Hood spoon is transformed into the perfect keepsake. Reminiscent of childhood fairytales, this ring depicts our beloved heroine and the Big Bad Wolf in exquisitely preserved detail


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Like I said...I really liked it and thought it was a good deal. 500 is my apartment rent. :D

why should we buy it? it's not a very good example and aren't you also the little purple cow folks as well? you should really stop using this site to promote your sub par product.

Cant afford that :(

I soo wanna buy this, do you know where i can buy it and how much it would be?

i agree ican't afford to pay for a $500 ring that is just silver and made from a spoon! these are easily replicable, i just bought one from this new brand i found "Little Purple Cow"- i don't know the name is weird but i got the ring and it really looks great! the finish is a little bit more silvery then I wanted but considering the price its definitely worth it.

I got a little purple cow ring for Christmas and my only complaint is that the writing is not very clear. Otherwise, I think it is a great reproduction!

Thank you Madhatter x

No problem! If you want me to take pictures of it I can post them on my page!

i agree with madhatter. i received my reproduction last week and i actually quite like it, and since i know ill probably will never get my hands on an actual little red riding hood spoon or fork, this is a reasonable substitute. my only complaints with it are, as madhatter said, the writing is not very clear, no way near as clear as Kristen's or some of the spoons off of ebay. also the fact that the little purple cow website claims the ring to be adjustable. when someone says that a ring is adjustable, you expect to be adjust it with your hands, well you really can't. i dont have the smallest fingers ever, so since it was labeled as adjustable i didnt worry about the sizing at all; well it took me a long time to be able to adjust it to the correct size for my finger. overall its a decent substitute if you cant get you hands on a spoon, fork, or ring of the actual little red riding hood piece off of ebay...sorry this was so long lol ;)

i agree i would love to have an actual ring made from a vintage spoon but cant afford it or think that i could ever get my hands on one so i shelled out the hundred bucks to get the ring from purple cow. its decent, like noted about the lettering isnt quite clear and a little too silver but a great substitute although i read here that not everyone was satisfied with theirs..

they send it only to a few countries, mine not :(:(:(:( nooooo

where were you going to buy yours?

hey, i ordered the little purple cow ring, and it said on the website made from a spoon from the 1920s, is that true des anyone know?

Its made from a mold of a 1920 ring pretty sure thats why its sterling silver.

in regards to Vanessa can't even tell this is the ring she is wearing. kinda weird. cuz i bet she doesn't have it unless you can get that pic up close and personal to see it.

sounds like another advertisement if ya ask me .... havent we been down this road before?

hello, does anyone know where i can buy this?

I have a little red riding hood fork,see it on ebay

Think this ring is cool check these Top Quality Sterling Silver Mood Rings out : She even has men's styles

Im so excited, Im getting my fork on Thursday, and I can make my ring! Ahh!

Hi - I have a Little Red Riding Hood fork & spoon listed on EBAY right now. The starting bid was $24.95. The condition of the fork & spoon is there is a lot of wear to the silverplate especially on the back of the fork & spoon. But if you made them into rings they sure would look old & have the look of eternity. Just thought someone might be interested. Seller name is cool.cats.3

Hi,I have one spoon,one knife and one fork...but how can I make a ring?????????

you can go to jeweller and ask him to do it or do it yourself there are some instructions or just google how to make spoon ring. by the way are you thinking about selling spoon or fork because i'll be interested

$350.00 for a ring? please, that's sick...

jeez...i want this so bad...i like the camellia ring better..but i mean its soo expensive and so is this

my mum is selling a ring on ebay and offers are welcome

I can pick it up from the jeweler on the 16th!!! too bad I still have to wait for 11 days.

anyone want to buy a Purple cow replica..I'm selling mine for like $65

Do you still have this ring or has it already been sold?

i'm selling the Red Riding Hood ring like Kristen has on ebay! Check it out here:

just got my ring in the mail. =) love it !!!

I got my ring three days ago and I love it. I love antique jewelery.

I'm so jealous, i want a antique spoon ring since ages...
Did you get from little purple cow Savannah M?
It' quite difficult to find one here in belguim, never saw any of them , except on web site , but it's so expansive.
Anyway i'm glad for you guys :)

No, I got an original spoon that had to be made into a ring. It took me about seven months to find an original spoon and than I had to convince the guy to ship it.
I live in the Netherlands and I know who hard it is to get stuff. Shipping fees alone cost a fortune.

i'm selling the Red Riding Hood ring like Kristen has on ebay! Check it out here:

I'm selling my little red riding hood spoon ring for $80 if anyone is interested. :)

are you the seller? Do you still have it?

i'm selling the Red Riding Hood ring like Kristen has on ebay! Check it out here:

GUYS, i'm selling my little red riding hood spoon ring! :D i'll post the ebay link when its up and running :D:D

here is a link to my 'little red riding hood ring' that i'm selling :D

I've got 2 little red riding hood forks. Soon they will be 2 beautiful rings!

This will be my next purchase I think. Does anyone know where I might get a genuine one?!

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