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Hi! :) Currently, I have it on hold for someone who is interested in purchasing the jacket but if she declines, then I'll let you know! Yes, the jacket is a size Large and brand new with tags!

If you send me an e-mail to my address: I can send you photos.

Ah, the Nike website mentions the jacket's proper body size in US conversion-

Large (12-14)
Bust (38 1/2 - 41 1/2 inches)
Height (5'7" to 5'9")

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail! :) The jacket is available!

Not a problem! :) See you around!

Here's a link for the vans shoes, but it's a UK site and they only have size 4 to 7 left:

I don't know if it ships to the UK or not but here is a site:

best place to go! I love EBAY

Hi Yeah, nearly everybody is from America! And all the sites are in dollars!
I live near Manchester actually! I live in Chester! :)
The weather is actually, suprisingly nice today! :)
Is it just me who finds it really weird that the time zone here is completely different from America??!!

Yeah the weathers been really warm!
Theyre behind us, When it was 4oclock in the afternoon here, its only 8 in the morning in LA! Its really weird! haha

I know, right now, its only.....erm, i think... 9am! And its 5pm here! Strange! haha

I know! Its boiling! Im like in shorts and a vest!

heyy so ur like 13 too.. its nice to no.. everyone is much older i feel outta placee..

where do you live??

Hey, Happy Birthday for tomorow!
Actually I'm going to be 14 on the 28th of July! Its just easier for me to round up!

Thanks :)

Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to youu!
Happy birthday to Jemma!
Happy Birthday to you!


hey happy birthday.. didnt no it was ur b-day but came to reply to your message and saw other comments :)

i live in london.. weathers alright but there's pretty messed up days..

yer i no like most ppl are 20 and ur talking to them and its like really wierd you and diehardtwilhardfan and the only ppl i no who r about my age


thank you thank you thank you
for the info on the hoodie :)

what colour did u get it in?
does it have shipping costs?

thanks again
i think i'll get in in sea blue but i also like the ash colour its like a gray


You're welcome :)

Yeah, that's the color she had the most last year.
It's difficult to say what the exact color is 'cause as you sad it looks different in every pic.

Yeah, I think she had a auburn/copper brown and a very dark brown layer underneath. And the auburn/copper faded out from washing and got lighter.

Hope your hair turns out how you like it :)

I'll dye my hair like that too but it still has to grow a little bit.

Hey :) How do they fit your pencil leg j brand jeans? Do they are skinny or straight jeans?
Thanks in advance :)
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