BDG Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash

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BDG is an clothing brand exclusively sold at Urban Outfitters, and these skinny jeans (as seen on actress Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" fame) is a rare find from a 2008 collection.



Anyone have a link to where I can find these exact ones? Are they in the Urban Outfitters stores?

click the Buy It button! it will lead you to Ebay.. they havel the exact pair of jeans Kristen is wearing.

Does anyone know if they still sell these at UO?x

they don't have the exact ones anymore, but there are several BDG blue skinny jeans very similar to these at Urban Outfitters. I have these jeans that I got back in early 08 and they're not as wonderful as everyone says, just a simple pair of blue jeans, so dont worry about not being able to get the exact same ones. :)

Are these jeans mid rise or low rise ?? Because all BDG jeans mid or high rise I couldn't find any low rise...

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