4 Stroke The Rose Skinny Jean

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Style: The Rose Fit: Skinny, tapered at bottom of leg Washes: Black Balloon, Berlin, Suspicion & Antsy Pants *7.25" Rise *34" Inseam *12.5" Leg Opening



I love these jeans all the jeans kristen wears are great :) but 1 question where can i buy them?

I love these jeans :)

Rachel all you have to do is google the name of item, and you'll be sure to find them.

This comment was deleted.

She's wearing TOM'S then (in case you didn't know) =)

Hey so I just got my 4 stroke jeans and my god are they small... luckily they sent me the wrong colour so I can hopefully swap the size when I swap the colour =]

However I must add that they are only small in the waist!!

Lucky!! I love these jeans!! Where you bought them? 'Cause at Boutique to you it's too expensive!

Um I got mine from Boutique to You.. they are $118 which is the cheapest I've seen.. only down side is you have to pay for shipping. They also had them on the 4 stroke website but there are no longer there to purchase...

I googled them but it seems that only Boutique to You are still selling them...

ah ok thank you. I don't even know this brand lol. I found coupon code for 10% off, but I hesitate ... And for the size you say that these small: I'ma 28/29 size, I will take 29 to your opinion?

Yeah I hadn't heard of them either until K Stew was spotted wearing them.. Yes they are very small however they are only small in the waist, and not the legs...

I'm usually a 24 in jeans (J brand, Recession, Denim of Virtue, Cheap Monday) but yeah I just sent mine back to get a size up.. plus they actually sent me the wrong colour!!!

Thanks for your answer.
At least, you can change size at the same time than color lol
I hope the price will drop....

Is anyone here a 25 in jeans? I have a pair of Antsy's that I need to sell, they didn't fit me so I bought the 24 also.. brand new never worn

How do they fit? Whic US size are you? :)

Um well at first I thought 4 Stroke were ridiculously small but that was in the Karma.. the Antsy's are not as small, they can be a struggle over the hips but once that's done they are perfect and incredibly comfortable.

I'm usually a 24 in jeans.. which I think is a US 0-2

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