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Sure! please give me your emailand l´ll send the picture! ;D

Hi! :) thanks for the comment and compliment! :) I'm so happy you enjoy the blog! :) - i actually just started on here - im still trying to figure out how to navigate the site correctly!!! LOL!!!!

Thanks so much! it was all luck! - so being new to this whole place - is there a way i could reply to your comments on my wall without having to go to yours? i dont wanna crud up your wall if theres a "reply" button hiding somewhere LOL!

HAHAHA i forgot i need to post on THIS wall lol ill get the hang of it eventually! and OMG HAHAHA where did that page come from!? that made my week!!!!

AAaw i had no idea HAHAHA - i sent her a message and thanked her :) - i feel like i need to do some heavy duty LJ and Blog posting now HAHA

im actually going to be making an LJ post about all of them cuz i didnt do that yet! :) Im super excited though my newest piece is the vegas an mia top - unfortunately not the real one but i love it just the same :) :) - ill link you to he post when its set!

Just posted on my lj - i have three posts that go along together :)

aaw thanks, most of my stuff is basic lol i need to work on getting the super awesome official stuff haha

yeah, thats so awesome you found that and won!! i hope you get it real soon!

Hi Just seen all your treasures on LJ. Brilliant. I'm new to this but enjoying the search. Glad I'm not the only one. I'm in Europe so I have to wake up at 4a.m to buy an item (MAD) plus no one to celebrate with as my family are peacefully fast asleep :-(

aaw haha they took my page down :( LOL

aaaw haha your too nice lol! Im not sure why they took it down - maybe im not actually allowed to be on here LOL

aaw you're too nice!

lmao, i liked your post to buffymagicshop!!!!

Sorry took so long to respond to your question. Haven't been by a computer. The shirt is a size XL. If you are still interested let me know. Thanks!

Hi! Yes, I own the jacket but unfortunately am not looking to sell. Thanks for asking!

I have the Hollister Hannah in the short sleeve version in a size M in brown if you are interested. Would just want what I paid which was $40 plus shipping.

I have a green off campus henley thats striped if you want ;) $15+shipping.

I have 2 people asking for it waiting on one to get back to me :) They pink is small & im sure it could be dyed


My splendid top... And it's holes :(

Hiya IzzieB!
Any chance I might be able to order a Hamlet printing from you?
I missed your last call yesterday :( but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask? :)
I am on my phone and it won't let me send you a message. I hope this wall post is okay?
Kudos to you for taking the initiative to make the Hamlet prints - yours are great!

Awesome sauce! Many thanks! I just saw your pics on LJ and the colors look even better :)

Thanks a lot, sweetie ;)

hey hun. about the CGT the one being sold by YM IS the curious gypsy thermal. CG is selling it through YM. its the exact same top as bellas, trust me im still in constant contact with them weekly, its the same thermal made by CG ;)

yup CG made the reissues and just used YM to ship it. its 100% exactly the same one they made the first time around when it was purchased for twilight ;)

Hey! She is looking for Alice and esme spots. :D she has a few, but not as much as she'd like.
She has various items, like the joie harmony b top in Bella's color, LB striped thermal, etc.

Hello, Is the Free People Strappy Cami available? Thanks.

If u end up selling the Hollister plaid let me know. Thanks

hi nice to meet u add me please :)

hi! I just wanted to ask where you bought your replica of kristen stewart's balenciaga leather jacket? :)

Hi, I don't have lj so I thought I would post here. :) Wasn't sure if you knew it was me ...haha. Would love choker if other person doesn't buy. :) Thx gal!

Do you by chance still have the hive and honey sweater? I don't know if I really have anything to trade but I would love to buy it from you. Thanks!

Hi ;) what size are the lani top,the make believe tank and the brandy & mellville LA top?
Thanks :)

hi! what size is the make believe tank and is it still available? thanks :)

I would like to buy your Hollywood hoodie, is it size S? And would you ship to France?

Ok thanks, since I'm going back to the US soon I should probably wait, I'll get back to you and see if still available when I get there. Thanks a lot =)

Ok in that case don't worry, sell it to the other person =) thank you very much

Sure =)

Keen on the dragon fly Bella's lights? They still available?

How much are you after for them?

Is that American?

Dollars I mean :)

And does it have a us plug too?

Okies, ill check my funds if you could work out how much postage to New Zealand would be? Thanks heaps!

I am so keen, it's more a question of funds. But if u find someone else who can take them now it's all good :)

I'll take your Kristen necklace if it's not sold yet.

Sorry, just realized I haven't paid all my bills yet =[ gonna have to pass on the necklace.


if the hoolywood hoodie is still available i'd be interested! do you have measurements for it?

Hi, is the irie t-shirt still available and will you ship to Australia? Thanks :)

Sorry thought u got my message on ur profile, price is the prob... And working out what I have that will sell so I can get the money. U know, gotta find some none bella stuff I'm willing to part with... Running outta stuff fast as I have someone else I wanna buy some bella clothes from too.

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