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YAY!! I'm happy to see you love Kristen too. She's such an amazing actress and one of the things I love about her is her uniqueness. She just doesn't care what other people think.

I remember the tie that Avril Lavigne had to ditch just because everybody started wearing it. Everywhere she'd go, she would see girls wearing it with t-shirts just like she did.
I mean, THAT's embarrassing. I would hate to experience that. I believe celebrities should be an INSPIRATION.
I'd hate to see my replicas everywhere I'd look. That would really suck.

hey claire! yes i have a pair of sambas! I bought them a few years ago. Mine are mens size. I'm a 38 normally, so I bought my sambas in 5 1/2. But in general I would give you the advice if you want to order from the internet to buy them, if necessary, half a size bigger, because in contrast to other shoes the sambas turn out be be a bit smaller.
You will love them :) they're so comfortable!!!!

Haha oui ! ^^ Mais que pour les études depuis Septembre, je suis française sinon !
Du coup je ne parle pas un mot de Flammand, sauf les stations de métro de Bruxelles et les traduction sur les paquets alimentaires xD

Another Belgium girl :)
Do you speak Vlaams or French?

Hi, what have you for a hair color?

found this if you're interested, it's the fork, not the spoon, don't know if it's the same, i'll post it here so you might have more chances to win :)

Hey, just wanted to say that the pictures and details are up on my wall now! :)

Hey! Sorry I'm late to answer, I've been busy. The DNO shirt is perfect in L if you're like Kristen's and my body shape, but remember, it's not fitted. If you want it loose go for L, if you want it more form-fitting get a M. Let me know if you still need a picture. ;)

Hi, unfortunately it was the Logo Software site that removed the t-shirt that the Depot T-shirt was printed on, so unless they make that shirt available again, I cannot put it up for sale.

ik ben van limburg.
en jij?

oh echt!! daar kom ik vaak :)
Ik woon helemaal tegen de grens in achel
da zult ge wel nie kenne da is redelijk klein :)

ja ik heb facebook. mijn naam is kristien sevens ge zult t wel vinden. :)

ik u ook :)

Hey i was wondering how you're going to make your MJ ring smaller?? :)

Oh ok thanks, i've tried and it won't move but i used a pair of pliers and it worked!! Thanks for the tip though :)

Hi, I saw on the EC Star "Nuns with Guns" Hoodie page you said that you had received the hoodie in the mail a while ago in a youth size. I was wondering if the hoodie looked the same as Kristen's? I've been hearing online that it's a little different when you order it now off of the EC Star site? I would be getting a youth size as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much :)

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