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I absolutely love the photo of the little dog :)

Thank you! That is Lola my Chihuahua/pride and joy :)

we're from the same city!! random. ya a lot of people hate it here. i really don't mind it.

LOL I just now saw this! yea i guess sac is ok... im more by roseville really... but no one knows where that is if they arent from here... but everyone knows sac.

OOPS I totally deleted your comment on accident lol But yes that guy is such a douche!!! lol a lot of the stores are opening though. I have an interview at one on Wednesday lol

no worrries i do that all the time i'm used the reply button bein ya they just re opened some stores. good luck on ur interview :)

hi!! thanks :), I want a Chihuahua for Christmas, I love it!!

My Lola is such a good dog, she just turned a year on thanksgiving, she is a longer haired Chihuahua. very well behaved! she sits, shakes, and lay down! its so cute!

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