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Got the Keep shoes today! I love them!

I have a few things. What were you looking for specifically? Most of my stuff is a size L or M by the way.

Hey, nice fnd with the jacket! What size did you get? And i'd love to see pics when it arrives!

i love how you keep puting up photos for some interaction on k's page!

Haha, cool. Where did you get your shoes from!?

Oh cool! Thanks, but how come your profile says you are from Australia?


These are my new Keep shoes!


And my Gold Vans!

No I'm not :( where does everyone keep reading that lol... I almost got myself a pair but someone beat me to it! I'm actually gonna make some myself though..

I'm jealous, you have the cracked gold vans!!! I'm been wanting them for soooo long but I can never find them small enough :(

Yeah i was but the listings ended already, i was selling a French Connection Arnas coat, All Saints jumper and H&M hoodie, sorry

Yep, sorry!

Sorry lovely I don't have anything for sale, I'll keep you in mind if I ever sell anything though. I'm from Melbourne :)

I'll be putting the sweater on ebay since I received more than 10 messages, I have no way to choose.

hi, fine thanks you? :)

Hi! I got silver cracked vans instead of gold, umm I've limited edition vans, I've got them from ebay its the best way to get them

haha no i don't have rainbow ones but i would love them, i have ones that are not sold anymore, i'll have to put some pictures up because they are all fab!
p.s i love your keep shoes! i so wanna pair

Jacket looks good!! Was it expensive?

Also where did you get the keep shoes? I love those!!


I have had many people interested in the little red riding hood ring, so i may put it up on ebay unless i get an offer I cannot refuse. I am thinking about selling it for about $75 which is a lot cheaper than what it goes for.

Hi, I just stumbled across your page and spotted your picture of the Keep shoes. I'm so jealous, I love those lol I was just wondering where you'd got them from?

Awesome, I'll check it out. Thanks! :)

Thanks for the link !!! I missed the auction !!!!!!!!!!!! :(

so sorry honey, but savanna just got in there first. I'm gonna be having a bit of a denim clear out and if i find anything else like that I'll let you know.

Can you speak korean cos I jsut can not work out that website lol. they are great too. I want them! The keep company trainers that is.

Hey, I was wondering if you're selling some Kristen stuff? Thanks in advance.

Thanks ^^ Could you tell me your Kristen list that you own?

I'll give you my list after xmas ;) Oh and also I saw that you had an 'issue' with your bidding on Ebay for the All Saints Jumper, is that okay now?

Hey! check it out the little red iding hood spoon ring!

Hey girl! It's been a while since we didn't talk to each other :S

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