Ikea Hultet Window Drape

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The suspension is designed so that the drape will loosen if a child climbs or gets entrapped in it. Easy to hang again. Can be cut to required width, max. 5 3/4" on each side. Can be used as a room divider, in doorways, etc.



Unfortunately these are no longer offered online and you need to go in a store to purchase them.

I think I may be going to IKEA tomorrow or Monday to get them. I think they will be a great room divider.

Went to Ikea and bought these today. They are actually really nice and will look great on my windows. :)

hey guys. does anyone know if they still carry these at ikea? I would love to get some. please let me know!!

Is anyone selling these?

I want these so bad!! If anyone's selling this, please drop me a comment or message me!

Someone contact me if these are for sale, thanks.

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