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asked to join the discussion..

is the customer service number 24 hours?

damn. I am just so mad because I still can't believe I defended this girl. Wedding my a**,if there is a wedding then this is certainly NOT the way to pay for it. They obviously have no hearts because they took advantage of the fact that they "had" Kristen Stewart items,items that were obviously in high demand. I was hoping she wasn't scamming you because I never heard of a scammer actually refunding you the money. That's how good they are that they make people believe that they aren't but really they were just buying time for them to get all the money and run. I am seriously seriously hoping you girls get your money back because it's not fair at all to you girls for trusting someone who was supposed to be a "nice" and "friendly" person. I am glad that I didn't buy those ray bans from her because they weren't for me they were going to be for my sister cause she really wanted some turtoise wayfarers for her birthday but now I would much rather go to sunglass hut and spend the $139 plus for them than to have spent that money and get no sunglasses in return.

So NO-ONE received they're items???

hey was away from my comp yest and so i'm back and mailing the ppl who sent me mails right now!

so the info that i put up here wasnt the best for direct help, but if you did like me, you would have got a mail helping you out a little more.

Anyways I just want to say thanks to hellsbells for letting us fill her page with all of this and to all the girls that have been done, I'm kinda proud of you lot for working together and helping one another out. I would have been a mess if i had on one to talk to about this.

where has BBuser been anyways?

@hottwacket, she decided to leave coolspotters, she said it was too "dramatic" here, or something? which i guess i can understand.. i think the CS mod people deleted all of the comments regarding the scam on the kristen stewart page, so her comments about leaving were probably deleted.

Lucy06, I think BBuser was the one who actually got the turtoise wayfarers because I had "bought" the black ones and on "Katey's" page she was asking for the shipping cost of another pair that she was selling. When she posted what she had left, the turtoises were gone. So that's how I came up with the fact that BBuser got those glasses. lol, I watch to much Law And Order lol. But yeah she said that she recieved the glasses, but got refunded for a pair of vans she also "bought", and then she jumped to say that it looked like everything was being delivered to her moms office...whatever this is all just a big piece of doodoo. lol.

lol@pennylane.. I feel so bad for everyone who got screwed with.... I don't take shopping lightly especially if its a Kristen or twilight item lol I keeping everyone in my thoughts and hoping you all get your money back and that Peacefrog gets her karma

BBUser's account is still active; she hasn't deleted it, so maybe it's only a temporary leave of absence. Also, some of the earliest threads about the scam still exist on the Kristen page, including the thread where she posted those comments about the package being delivered to her mother's office. It's only her comments that have disappeared, so she must have deleted them herself. Strange, hmm?

If BBuser is still active why not address your concerns to her instead of speculating amongst yourselves?

this wall is for the people who were scammed and need help or just want to vent. we hav all grown suspicious of everyone on here cos we realized how easy it is to get fooled by someone u liked and thought was trustworthy. we discovered another user was posing as someone else so we are tryng to figure out who is all involved. there is a thorough investigation goin on. we moved all convo about the scam to my wall so we won't annoy other users and flood kristens page. so please don't come here and judge us. u don't know how angry and frustrating this is.

@Lucia90 this is someone's private wall so we're free to speculate all we want. If BBUser were to read this private wall and want to discuss anything that's being said here she's welcome to do that. You weren't scammed out of money so while you're of course free to write on this wall you really have no relevant reason to, in my opinion.

We're just helping each other get sorted with the money we are due. And frankly we trusted both @Jacobsladder and @peacefrog completely so if we have any speculation over any other users we're entirely entitled to that.


yeah,I've gotten ripped off before with "Ray Bans" so ever since then I would just rather buy them at the actual store.When I saw that she was selling the kind my sister wants, I just thought hey,let me save some money and buy them for her since she has been bugging me and my mom about them for a year now. But so glad I didn't.

Lol you're right I have no relevant reason. So i'll leave you to your 'investigation'. I have to say though that the over reaction to a few people having to make a paypal claim is thoroughly entertaining.

@Lucia90, thanks for you input. Glad our frustration has entertained you. Your smug insensitivity has been a nice reminder that not all CS users are good to interact with.

Goodbye now!

So what's the deal with me and my glasses? Am I now part of the scamming crew or what? It's pretty easy to message me ladies, Littlesparrow and a few others have done it. Yes I did receive my sunglasses, a pair of tortoise Ray Ban 2132s, I also received a 30 dollar refund to my credit card for a pair of multi-colored Vans I had bought, but she/he/whoever the ***** didn't send. I hope we're clear now and things aren't so 'interesting'. Hopefully you receive your money back or maybe some of your items.

Yes, I messaged you to see why you're the only one to get your order. Should I message you privately or would you like to have this discussion here?

I honestly don't care but I do think it's a bunch of BS that people are speculating about me instead of messaging me when my account is still active. I get that you guys are frustrated, and I would be as well, it's just simple common courtesy. I haven't done anything to merit any speculation ( everything I have sold or bought from any CSer I have shipped or received) and I know that you guys can get the CS staff to check my IP and see that I have no connection to Peacefrog/Katey/Tom/whoever. I've been a member of this site for 2 years now, and I know what went down makes everyone think twice about who to trust, but I've never done anything that would indicate I was a part of whatever went down. So I hope this clears out any doubt, if not you can contact Eric to double check.

You told me in a private message that you filed to delete your account because you're tired of "these lunatics" (all of us who are concerned about being ripped off) and the drama so I thought you were gone. And regardless, I did message you, you said you didn't see anything wrong with the situation since you got what you ordered and that you hoped it worked out for everyone. What more was there to message you?

Having said all this, this page doesn't need secondary drama. If you want to continue this chat we can do so in a private message. Otherwise, that's all.

Nope that was my message, and my comments aren't only directed towards you ( actually they aren't directed towards you at all). I did ask for my account to be deleted, but CS staff and I spoke and they just deleted my comments instead of my account ( you can verify this with them if needed). Also I wasn't only referring to those who got ripped off =) this whole situation has revealed some crazy ass people in general.


What comments weren't directed at me?

What do you mean by "Also I wasn't only referring to those who got ripped off"?

The comments I made above, I named you because you actually were polite enough to message me privately instead of speculating publicly.

I meant everyone involved, so that included Katey/Tom/Regan/etc.

So with that I hope everything is cleared up with me? Cool. Hope you ladies get your money as I said before.

Katey/Tom/Webbster/Regan are crazy yes, but the people whose money was taken with no return are not crazy. They're just irritated and frustrated that it happened.

People usually do trust you BBUser, as a matter of fact they trust you a LOT, but if you can look at it objectively, it did all seem shady that you were the only one who got your item.

Anyways, this is dumb. I believe you. I'm sure most people do. End of story.

Who's crazy and who's not is very debatable. Glad everything is cleared up.

Lucia90, go ***** yourself...

BBUser, we thought your account was deleted, but we're all a pissed off right now, so when we see something that we find "interesting" of course we're going to question it. It's only a natural reaction to what has happened to us.

That's cool that you got your glasses and your money back, but when we found out about jacobsladder, we all started to question you.

I'm sorry if we offended you, but I'm not sorry if we jump to conclusions.

Pennylane- I understand where you guys are coming from, but I just wish you guys would double check things before going off on hunch. Keep a cool head ladies, getting heated will only hinder you guys.

@lucia90- I really dont appreciate your comment about people b*tching about having to file paypal claims. You are such an insenstive creep. Its not about the money AT ALL. Its about this b*tch Regan thinking she can just take money from others and shes done so TWICE. I for one, want this kind of crap stopped and I think Regan and her Fiance should be punished for their actions. When did scamming and getting away with it become acceptable?? Your attitude is disgusting and a huge reason why I avoid the Kristen page like the plague.

ok this getting out of hand. so no more speculations. again private message is the best way to handle this situation. so before posting here think if u would want EVERYONE to see ur comment and whether or not it will hinder u like @littleSparrow said. we should not b fighting amongst each other. PEACE PLEASE :)

@Hells- I agree, we dont want Regan catching on to any information we find or actions we take. Private messages are best or on the LJ page!

I think we should give hellsbells some peace now lol.

The LJ thread is much more efficient, that way everyone will be able to give their two cents and read what everyone else has done to get this straightened out.

i don't mind people posting here, i just don't want people bickering. i like talking to u girls :)

wtf is lucia even doing on here? If this is your source of entertainment your batsh*t. I've gotta wake up at 3 in the AM and be at the airport by 5, so I'm going to TRY to go to sleep and I'll catch up on this when I get back next week. Oh, I posted an update with my PayPal case on ariesgirl LJ. TTYL everyone =^)

hi guys,

i wasn't scammed like all of you, but i wanted to just offer smy opinion.

@annabella13, @nfgirly, @PennyLaneMason, @hellsbells and @Littlesparrow:

i think it's best if you just don't even acknowledge people like @Lucia90. she's just a loser who, even though she wasn't effected at all by what happened, took the time to come here and put you guys down. only someone who's miserable with themselves and has no life would bother with doing that. she's a total joke so i wouldn't even give her the satisfaction of a response.

she's kind of like those annoying spammers on Kristen's page. if you just ignore her she'll go away.

and one last thing, i really don't think @BBUser has anything to do with this. i think that dumb biatch @peacefrog just sent her something to convince people that since BBUser got her stuff they should wait and not panic, which would give her more time to get money and close her accounts etce.

ok, just wanted to share that with you all. i hope things start working out for you all :)

P.S. please don't think i'm a scammer now since i defended BBUser! lol

yeah I think that that C*nt Katey/reagan or bitchladder had to send someone something in order to get people to trust her & she is smart to send it to BBuser cuz she is a long time member.I wish I could ***** these guys up for all you guys I just got my car broken into SO i'm wanting to eff someone up right about now ;(

@kona808-LMAO at your comments about Lucia90 :)

@nfgirly, yah that girl @Lucia90 is an idiot. she has multiple accounts, one of them is called @Thandie or something like that, and she talks back and forth between them acting like she's multiple people, but really it's just her. i'm actually serious about that too.

@kona- seriously??? wow thats really, really crazy. and scary too. she needs help.

kona808, omg really? lol, and I thought I had problems...I wanted to tell her much more than just to go ***** herself, but like you said...it's a moot point wasting your time with people like that.

and I have thought about what you said, about Regan sending BBUser her stuff so she can take someone down with her...but like I said before, we're all on the defensive right now

lol, and we wont think your a scammer just because you gave your opinion lol.

I know ppl want to PM each other but surely that doesn't mean we can all talk, like i don't know who to PM..........

So did anyone receive their stuff?

i sure as hell didn't.

YES!!!! i got my money back frm paypal. they decided in my favor. so relieved :)

How long did it take them to get back to you?

well i filed a claim on the 18th. i called on the 23rd to check the progress and the dude said they give the seller 10 days to respond to the claim. if theres no response then they give u ur money back. but i paid the regular way not with a gift which is more difficult to dispute.

thats "hella tight girl" Yes I use to live in the Bay Bay Bay lol ;)

o love the bay. so pretty. minus the weirdos lol!

I bought more make up today haha my cousin aka enabler bought me a $50 MAC gift card but I didn't buy any of the Villain collection stuff I bought 2 eyeshadows and another make up brush.

Hey, I have an offer for $50 plus $15 shipping worldwide trackable for the us versus them hat, but it is not sold yet. If you want it, its yours!=)

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