Polo Ralph Lauren Team USA Opening Ceremony Hat

(Created by Pflynn)
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Our Opening Ceremony wool-and-alpaca hat celebrates the spirit of Team USA with an intarsia knit featuring moose, trees and our logo.


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I must own this hat! I have searched all over, where can I buy it?

Love this hat! Are they available to the general public? Where?

I absolutely LOVE this hat!!! Must have!! Where can I buy it??

ive looked for it everywhere, but i cant find it :(

These are not found on the ralph lauren site or the olympic store site. What gives? Several sites report they are offered to the public, but I can't find a source either!

Just called RL customer service - they are for sale, however - out of stock. They can take down your info and contact you when they are in stock. Excellent hat! Hope this helps.

Hat is seriously cool, need to buy for the family to support our country

If any one finds these hats please post it here. I'll keep looking myself. Thank you. I'll cry if I don't get one.

found the hat on teamusa.org website but it is showing as discontinued...lame!!!!! anybody find another source?

Ralph, seriously, you didn't think Americans would buy this hat? You couldn't have anticipated supply and demand?

Whose bright idea was it to discontinue this hat! Get a clue!!!!

None on ebay yet.

one on ebay today only, already up to 135.00

call ralphlauren.com and request to be on that list! I want that hat too!!!

I dropped by the flagship store on Madison Ave this morning and ... no luck. The sales people told me they were not happy with the buyers for not ordering enough.

I just called Ralph Lauren at 1-888-475-7674, and got on the list. She said each agent is compiling a list of all the pepople who want the hate, name and e-mail address and phone number, and then will put them all togehter at the end of the day, her list is 3 pages long. Hopefully they will get the hint to get some more! I'll take it even if after the olympics. I love this beanie!!!

Thanks, Aggiedude82 for the info. I so wish I ordered the Beanie on Wednesday when I saw it on the Ralph Lauren web site.

They are now on Ebay but beware...they are outrageously high on there. They sale for $75 originally, ebay prices start at $100 and some are now up to $500! Sigh, I want one, too!

OK so I just called the Ralph Lauren customer service and got told they are not making this hat anymore and therefore would not be re stocking it. No mention of taking names down either

Yeah, I wrote them a couple od days ago, when I found out that there is a list for the hat :), and got the same answer as you. There will be no restocking. Such a shame. I WAAANT that hat :(. If anyone got any info about the hat at a reasonable price let me know.



fyi, polo.com just restocked this hat. 9 months late, but just in time for winter and the holidays.

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